Weekly Shonen (1/23/15)

One piece

Chapter 774

Leo, Warrior Chief of the Tontatta tribe

“I refuse to provided aid for you bad people”

Nico Robin arrives to save Rebecca from Diamante, freeing Kyros from having to protect her. Kyros is happy for her arrival, as he prepares to face off against Diamante. Bartolomeo notices several soldiers removing an unconscious Gladius from the battlefield. He allows them to leave, stating that Gladius will be unconscious for days.

01Meanwhile, Leo and his friends are battling to save Princess Mansherry. Violet informs them that Princess Mansherry is “currently being forced to heal the defeated Donquixote Executives” by Jora. Mansherry has the ability to heal due to her “Chiyu Chiyu no Mi” devil fruit ability. Mansherry refuses to do so, claiming that she no longer help the bad people.

02-03Jora attempts to force her to heal them, Mansherry begins to cry. Her tears to the surprise of everyone manages to heal a solider. Jora states “it was close but showers the officers with her tears stating round 2 now begins”. Kabu arrives using “Bettle Upper” on the unconscious officers, sending them flying away from the falling tears. Leo tells Jora she “can spend more time with them than ever and uses “Haute Couture: Patchwork” on her.Mansherry calls him a prince and blushes when he catches her.




Chapter 612


“Forgive me . . . you cannot win against Yhwach”

Yhwach, having slaughtered the soul kings guards, stabs the Soul King through the chest. Meanwhile, we return to the Seireitei where the remaining Captains and Vice Captains gather together at the new structure that Urahara created. Urahara states that the 7th Division will not be in attendance, the “3rd and 9th Division Captains will move together with the 12th Division”. Captain Kurotsuchi will arrive later.

03He say’s that “Captain of the 11th Division, Vice Captain of the 9th, Madarame and Ayasegawa will get emergency treatment and Zaraki is in critical wounded”. Also “Captain of the 1st Division has gone to Room 46, they also haven’t received any information from the 10th Division”. Urahara says that he plans on breaking into the Soul Kings palace”, with all the Captains and their collective spirital powers. We return to Ichibei as he states that “humans cannot defeat Yhwach”.





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