Weekly Shonen (12/26/14)

One Piece

Chapter 772

Cabbage & Romeo

“Now that I’ve returned to believe human! I will never again … let my daughter wield the likes of a sword”

 Diamante asks Kyros ” How do you like that ground? “, questioning whether he can stand on just one leg as the ground around him moves. He finally realizes that Kyros was the little toy he saw crying over Scarlet’s dead body. He’s says that their “fates are bound”. Kyros strikes Diamante even on one leg, but is stopped by Daimante’s iron cape. He uses “Viper Glaive”, but aims it at Rebecca. Kyros quickly counters his attack with Rebecca asking her father to let her fight.

003Diamante continues to mock Kyros, stating that he would rather kill Rebecca properly. Kyros tells his daughter he wanted her to allow him to protect her for her mothers sake. He says that “now that I’ve returned to believe human! I will never again … let my daughter wield the likes of a sword”. Meanwhile, Zoro marvels at the power of the “Happo Navy”noting that he should remember them. Baby 5 tells Sai that they need two ceremony halls, one for the wedding and one for the funeral of his grandfather.

scCavendish realizes that Gladius has been “messing with the ground”, resulting in the ground exploding. He asks Bartolomeo to “let him in the barrier”, Bartolomeo says no. He suggests that it’s too dangerous for him and Robin. Gladius uses “Punk Rock Fest”, the attack destroys everything even Doflamingo’s soldiers. Cavendish is saved by Bartolomeo’s barrier. Robin uses her powers to attempt to reach Rebecca.

008-wGladius uses his “Catapult Punk”, to try and stop her but Bartolomeo uses his barrier to save her.Gladius and Cavendish clash, as Bartolomeo uses “Barrier Bulls” trapping both Gladius and Cavendish within it. Gladius asks Dellinger if he was “finish with the second floor”. Dellinger arrives on the third floor only to be defeated by Hakaba, Cavendishe’s alter ego.



Chapter 611

The Death of the Soul King

“I’ll have you dead in three paces or less”

As Ichibei’s severed head hits the ground, Yhwach states that Ichibei’s death is exactly how he predicted. Yhwach destroys the barrier protecting the soul, and comments that the Zero squad has been defeated. He says that the soul king is next. Ichigo and the others finally land and find Ichibei in pieces. Ichibei tells Ichigo to call his name and when he does Ichibei is restored (Mostly). Ichigo asks him if he was just dead and he responds yes. He states that “all ones power resides in their name”.

05gjhgIchibei says that by calling his name Ichibei was able to receive a “tiny bit of his power and restore his body”. Ichigo comments that what Ichibei said “sounded like a load of crap”. He asks Ichigo to “stop Yhwach”, that he needs to save the soul king. He explains that the soul king is the “linchpin of the world”, and everything would collapse without him. Meanwhile, we see Yhwach stabbing the soul king stating that he has seen the future and calls him “my father”.



One Piece

This chapter was at least action packed. I really enjoyed the bickering between Cavendish and Bartolomeo. Bartolomeo’s abilities seem interesting although they aren’t explained completely. The same thing can be said for Cavendishes powers, but I’m hoping the next chapter will do so. Whether Dillinger and Gladius  were defeated by Hakaba, is currently unknown.


This chapter was . . . disappointing. I knew that Ichibei was going to get killed and I’m glad he alive but the explanation of why he’s still alive is as Ichigo said it “a load of crap”. Although I’ve read from forums that many believe that “When Ichigo died from Ulquiorra he may have resurrected himself when he heard Orihime call out his name? “. I guess that theory might make sense. Anyway, the fact that Yhwach quickly got to the soul king and the zero squad was defeat off page bothers me. All this doesn’t matter because Ichigo is here right? I’m assuming that the elite Sternritter’s will face of against the rest of Ichigo’s squad. That might be interesting, but I doubt they got that much stronger.



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