Weekly Shonen (12/18/14)


One Piece

Chapter 771

Don of the Happou Navy

Don Chinjao you’ve grown weak as well

– Lao G

Zoro and Pica continue their battle, and Elizabello II comes to Zoro’s aid. Zoro turns the aid down as he states that “boulder bastard’s definitely after something”. Meanwhile, Lao G uses his “back pain stance”, “eye pain”, “frozen shoulder form” and “pain of the immortal solider” thoroughly beating Chinjao. Baby 5 thinks Sai is in love with her, Chinjao overhears their conversation. He tells Sai that “he wouldn’t allow them to marry”. Sai is supposed to have a political marriage with the “Nihou Navy’s” daughter. Sai claims “he could careless who his wife is”.

klklMeanwhile, Lao G “life-force” fly’s out of his body. Baby 5 calls out to him and his life-force returns. Baby 5 annoys Sai who finds her to be strange. When Sai asks her to “die”, Baby 5 aims a gun at her head. Sai shocked by her behavior tries to stop her from shooting herself. Chinjao yells at him, telling him to “let” her kill herself. Baby 5 has a flashback, when she was “abandoned in the mountains because she was a burden on her mother’s group”.

15ooClearly, traumatized by the experience, she now has developed a need to be useful. Chinjao uses Kiryu Kirikugi (Drill Dragon, Drill Nail) to attack.Sai counters with “Military Footwork” to break his grandfather’s drill head. Lao G uses “Carved seal of G” and manages to defeat Chinjao, but Sai returns the favor and defeats Lao G.




Chapter 610

Mausoleum of Skulls

That is my power. The Almighty

– Yhwach


Haschwalth informs Ishida the Yhwach usually fights with his eyes “closed”. He explains that Yhwach has “refrained from using The Almighty until now because he would have lost all control over it and be unable to absorb the power of the Sternritter if he used it before the 9 years of regaining his power were over”. Meanwhile, Yhwach pulls his sword out of Ichibe, who is shock that he is losing. Yhwach explains how “he is now unbeatable because he can now see everything that happens in the future”.

12-13Ichibe seems to be in denial as he “points out how he is still covered in the color black”. He gathers the surrounding darkness for “Futendaisatsuryo (Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-reincarnation)”. Ichibe reveals “this will take away everything black from Yhwach until he dies”. Yhwach states “everything that comes into his field of vision becomes powerless and claims he will be the one to take everything from him”, before killing him.




One Piece

One Piece seems to be progressing slowly through the various fights between the Colosseum fighters and Doflamingo’s Family. With the end of the fights between Baby 5,Lao G and Chinjao and Sai. The most interesting aspect of this chapter was what Pica is apparently up to. Other than that not much really happen, but I feel that the narrative is moving, just too slowly.


The GOD known as Yhwach has finally revealed his vague omniscience powers. His powers are rather broken or at least seemed to be. I feel like Yhwach powers have been explained several times already but, I may be wrong. Anyway, Ichibei’s death came surprisingly quickly and without much difficulty. I thought that he would put up more resistance. I would at least would like to see how Futendaisatsuryo (Slaughterous Mausoleum of Non-reincarnation (nice name) worked. Regardless, Ichibei was a very interesting character and I thoroughly enjoyed his attempt to defeat Yhwach.




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