Weekly Shonen (12/11/14)


One Piece

Chapter 770

The Lance of Elbaf

Just stay were you are if you find it so hard to believe in my resolutions“.

Bellamy the Hyena

Luffy yells at Bellamy to stop attacking because, “Mingo betrayed him”. He say’s “this isn’t worth fighting over”, and Bellamy response that “it doesn’t matter”. Bellamy attacks Luffy landing a punch with his Haki-imbued fist. We shift to the fight between Zoro and Pica. Pica continues to use the earth to his advantage, gaining size as he does. Zoro is relativity unharmed by Pica’s giant size. However, Zoro seem annoyed by Pica’s endurance, calling him a “stubborn chunk of rock”.

luffyPica says “Now that you’ve seen my powers, finally getting serious with me fool”? Orlumbus, defeats Pica’s soldiers with “Killer Bowling“. After Zoro thanks him he says that he’s part of the “Yontamaria Fleet“. Pica ups the scales taking over the entire plateau. He begins to laugh “Pi-kya-Pik-kya-Pi-Kyarara”, causing Zoro to burst out in laughter. Zoro’s mocking causes the ever sensitive Pica to become enraged. He uses “Charstone“, Zoro dodges and seems happy that Pica has increased his size.

13500952_928However, Pica’s larger size has interrupted several battles between the Colosseum combatants and the Donquixote executives. Dellinger is hit by Ideo’s “Destruction Cannon“, as he states that Dellinger “shouldn’t be looking,elsewhere”. Baby 5 seems to have completely miss construed  Sai’s responses toward her. She has concluded that he “needs” her, confusing him. Meanwhile, Machvise believes that he’s defeated the giant, ” Hajrudin” and sets his sights on Zoro. Hajrudin is defeated but reanimated by his “dream of becoming king of the giants”.

13500951_928Machvise uses his “Destructive 1000t vise“, Hajrudin tells Zoro “he’ll handle this”. Machvise notices Hajrudin is still alive and uses “Hellish Million – T Vise“. Using his only remaining hand Hajrudin uses “Gungnir“, breaking his arm,leg and several teeth in the process. He sends Machvise into Doflamingo’s “Birdcage“, and passes out. Zoro tells him to “sleep well . . . cuz when you wake up, this cage won’t be here anymore”.




Chapter 609


His Highness has the ability see all that will happen . . . and, when he knows of your powers . . . defeating him would be impossible“.

Ichibei mocks the Quincy formerly known as, Yhwach. He say’s that “it must’ve been painful” for Yhwach to lose his name. As his new “master“, Ichibei renames him using his “True strike: Shirafude Ichimoji” or his “Bankai“. Ichibei says that the “back before the term Bankai, they use to call them the evolved Zanpakotu”. His swords power is “granting him the ability to name things”.

13501152_1193The “ink” of his sword changes from black to white as he labels Yhwach with his new name, “Black Ant“. Ichibei states that now Yhwach/Black Ant has “powers on par with the ants at his feet”. With his life now “fragile and fleeting“, Ichibei goes for the kill. However, before he does so Yhwach/Black Ant asks if “this was it”. Ichibei proclaims that Yhwach/Black Ant will “shoulder the lives of the shinigami he killed”.

13501156_1193Ichibei goes on the offensive, “stomping” and crushing “in his hands” as he bids Yhwach/Black Ant, “farewell”. However, this isn’t effect enough to kill him as he says that “just because i had my eyes close . . . I’m hurt you though of me that way”. He stabs a stunned Ichibei in the gut, as Ichibei asks “why aren’t you dead”. The letters that Ichibei painted on Yhwach disappear, as Jugram Haschwalth explains that Yhwach A stands for “The Almighty“.



One Piece

I’m glad One Piece has returned. Nothing to note really occurred in this chapter however. We did get some mild progression as far as the story is concerned with the defeat of Machvise. Zoro clearly hasn’t put much effort in his battle with Pica yet. I’d imagine that when he does Pica will be defeat rather quickly. Baby 5 revealing her feelings for Sai seem like they’re designed for the purpose of distracting him so she can gain the upper hand. As for Luffy verses Bellamy, I think Luffy will have a difficult time fighting some who is his friend (or who he considers a friend). It will be interesting to see what happens with that fight.


I called this one, although I think anyone who reads manga could have. Let’s be real Ichigo MUST defeat Yhwach. All I asks is that there’s at least a scar somewhere. Kubo creates these great characters with these cool abilities only to have them have ZERO effect is getting to be too much. I’m fine with Yhwach eventually flipping the tables one his opponents but let the losers have something. Haschwalth revealing that basically if you talk too much (revealing your powers which Bleach characters are prone to do), you’ll lose because if Yhwach knows how your powers work he ALWAYS win.

Anyone who’s a Bleach fan know that many characters have been defeated after revealing the depths of their abilities. Shinji Hirako has done this twice against Aisen and Bambietta. Is Kubo attempting curb this behavior? I don’t know, doesn’t really matter at this point. While Ichibei is in a dangerous situation, he wasn’t killed instantly, maybe he can still put up a fight. However, I think I’m just being way too  hopeful.


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