Weekly Shonen (11/27/14)

One Piece

Chapter 769

The Pirate Bellamy

ggghhLaw and Doflamingo continue their fight. Law uses his powers to throw part of a castle at Doflamingo. Doflamingo counters with “Spider’s Web“, Law appears behind him and attacks. Doflamingo blocks the attack, and tells him that if he wanted to kill him he should have “pitted him against Kaidou”. He says that Law’s death was “guaranteed”.

02lDoflamingo knocks Law into a building, ripping of his right arm in the process. He says he will forgive Law like he did his brother and father, with death. However, before Doflamingo can kill Law, Luffy arrives using his “Jet Gatling“. The clone falls to the ground after being defeated by Luffy. Luffy pleads with Doflamingo to stop Bellamy.

09ghghghBellamy uses his “Spring Hopper” and bounces around the room. Luffy tells him that “he’ll die if he keeps moving”. Bellamy states that “he’s not going to attack Doflamingo, despite the fact that he no longer admires him”. He asks Luffy for a fight, stating that it to be his last.





Chapter 607

The Master

06ghghgYhwach proclaims that “leader of the very squad that watches over the shinigami, fears my power such that he has to have it halved”. He says that he still has the ability to restore his power back. He say’s that “everything in this world exists for his taking”. Yhwach sends several beams of reishi at Ichibe. Ichibe closes his hands and stops the beams effortlessly.

07kkkkkkkIchibe says that he was trying to spare “Yhwach’s reputation”. Yhwach seems perplexed by Ichibe’s statement. Ichibe says that “if he crushed Yhwach while he was at full power, it would have tarnished the reputation of the quincy”. He charges at Yhwach, saying if your “dead your reputation is meaningless anyway”. He uses “Hyappo Rankan”, Yhwach counters with “Blut Vene Anhaben”.

13gggggggggIchibe follows up with “Urahado Sannodo Tetsufusatsu“, he breaks Yhwach’s barrier. Ichibe grabs Yhwach’s throat, but the “Blut Vene” attempts to erode and expand everything that comes into contact with Yhwach. Ichibe isn’t phased as he crushes Yhwach’s throat. Ichibe releases his Zanpakuto, Ichimonji.



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