02-03Chapter 699 & 700

The Seal of Reconciliation & Uzumaki Naruto

It has been 15 years since Naruto was introduced to the world. Thinking about that I’ve been reading for more than HALF my life. That’s a really long time to invest in anything, let alone a form of entertainment. I am glad to have spent the time reading this series. Witnessing these characters grow both physically, mentally and emotionally has been a pleasure.

05jjLet me get the criticism out the way first. The final battle while expected and wanted left me feeling disappointed. As a fight it was too quick. It seems too obvious to me that Kishimoto wanted to end the series in chapter 700. The fight between Naruto and Sasuke felt rushed. The end result was always going to be Sasuke losing without Naruto killing him, so I’m fine with that. Sasuke’s quick change of behavior towards Naruto and Sakura seemed inauthentic.

fgfgThe symbolism that were displayed during this fight was well done. I particularly like the crossing of the hands and (literally) the connection of their blood. Kakashi becoming the sixth Hokage just makes sense. He was renowned  for his jutsu and Sharingan prowess but his intelligence was always his best asset. Having the final chapter in full color was a nice touch. The “looking to the future” has been done many times, and this chapter was pretty much what you’ll expect.

08gfWhile many of the relationship parings were obvious Sakura and Sasuke, Naruto and Hinata, and Shikamaru and Temari. Other pairings were surprising Ino and Sai and Choji and Karui. Choji and Karui’s daughter Chocho was interesting, mainly due to the fact that she’s both overweight and interracial. She’s a clear departure from most of the female characters in Naruto.

21cKurenai’s daughter seems to be very skilled as she seems to be in the Anbu. Naruto’s son is just like him (unsurprisingly) and there was a lot of symbolism in his son’s behavior. I loved this series and it has added so much too my life. I hope the final movie is good and the same for the next spinoff series. Part of me had this fantasy that Kishimoto would continue the series with the next generation, but I don’t think that will happen.



5 thoughts on “Naruto

  1. One thing that always weighed in my mind was how adult Naruto resembles Obito so much.
    Anyway, I didn’t really like how the next generation ninja were too similar to their parents’ attributes (especially Bolt and Shikadai).


    1. I didn’t notice the resemblance between adult Naruto and Obito, but your right good observation. I’ve always found the creation of future generations to be lazy. Often what happens is they “Frankenstein” the kids together or make the male child (Bolt) look like the father (Naruto) and the female child (Himawari) looks like the mother (Hinata). The exception seems to be Choji and Karui’s daughter Chocho.

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      1. Also, I find Himawari weird for having some of his father’s traits (blue eyes, the ‘whiskers’), while Bolt doesn’t look like Hinata even one bit. I agree with you on Chocho. I think Kishi got the combination in this character a little better than the rest.

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  2. It’s difficult to let go… and there is a spin off about the kids (I think), but that’s not going to be the same. I’m just happy that it didn’t get boring at the end. Abrupt is somewhat better than begging for it to end already, like Detective Conan… is that ever going to end?


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