Bleach 604


As Bazz-B is “recalled” by Yhwach, both he and Renji are surprised by what is happening. Bazz-B seems surprised and not to happy. He yells “is this how you do things” upward toward the “Soul King’s Palace”. Bazz-B and some of the other sternritter proclaim that “there’s no way in hell we’re dying in a place like this”. Byakuya, Shunsui and the others notice the light’s beaming toward the “Soul King Palace”. Shunsui tell’s Nanao and Okikiba, that he “may need to leave squad one’s barracks”. He says that the “royal palace is in grave danger”.

ooMeanwhile, Nimaiya is hit with two “bullets” from the formerly dead Lille Barro. Jugram explains Yhwach power “Auswahlen”. Auswahlen uses “the power from useless Quincy’s and distributes it to the one who need it, it’s a redistribution of power. The ones whose powers are taken die, and the ones it’s given too are reborn stronger than before”. Lille Barro takes aim at Nimaiya again, this time Kirinji and Hikifune attempt to stop it.

08jghkjgHowever, this isn’t enough as Barro has a “new” power that can’t be blocked. This power is called “Exaxis, there are no bullets, it just pierces anything that is between the muzzle and the target”. Pernida Parnkgjas uses his power to destroy the cage, allowing Yhwach to escape. He confronts a stunned Hyosube, asking for him to “let him pass”. Hyosube, responds by saying “you shouldn’t call him by his name so easily, he grabs his brush and stands up mentioning that he might just crush his throat”.

11bghgIt’s been awhile seen my last post but not much happened since then. Yhwach’s Auswahlen ability is clearly a way to get rid of the useless sternritter and a convenient way to eliminate pointless battles (Bazz-B and Renji). I’ll let Kubo slide with it though (like I have much say anyway). Ultimately, this is a good thing, clearly the action that matters the most is happening at the Soul Palace anyway. The question remains, will the shinigami remaining help.

16fdsfConsidering the fact that the series is ending, I doubt Kubo won’t show us all of abilities of Shunsui and Byakuya. As for the shift in power from the previous Elite sternritter to their current state isn’t surprising, what would be surprising is Nimaiya dying. That said at some point someone has to die right? I don’t know how Hyosube is going to fair against Yhwach, but I’m interested in the outcome.

17nnjAll images from Manga-stream.


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