Weekly Shonen (10/16/14)

One Piece

Chapter 764

White Monster

04jhjhLaw is surprised to find that Corazon didn’t tell his brother he could speak. Corazon has the ability to create a “wall of silence”with the “Nagi Nagi no Mi”, preventing sound from entering and exiting. He warns Law that Doflamingo “is a monster” and that it’s his responsibility to keep his “bother’s madness at bay”. He say’s that his brother is not human. He warns Law not to be like “his brother”.

11llkjHe tells Law about the “will of D”, and the fear that exists of it. He says that “D” is a name that has been “secretly been inheriting throughout the years”. He says that there’s a “land” where they refer to the “family of D” as “God’s Natural Enemy”. Law run to tell on Corazon, but has a change of heart a he feels he owes him for not telling on him. As the marines attack Doflamingo and the family he realizes that Corazon has “kidnapped” Law.

20lCorazon calls Admiral Sengoku to inform him of the situation, after the call a recruit name “Vergo” asks to be transferred to “G-5”. Corazon and Law “travel” to hospitals hoping they would help. They panic and refused to treat Law. Corazon to attack the staff for hurting Law.The next morning, they received a call and Corazon answers it, and its Doflamingo.



Chapter 696

Naruto and Sasuke (3)

11hhjhjhNaruto is still confused over the fact that Sasuke wants to kill him. Sasuke states that the five villages only came together to battle a common enemy. He believes that once the realize that they no longer have a common enemy they will return to fighting one another. Sasuke plans on becoming the enemy they need to stay “together”, but he will operate everything from the shadows.

16-17hSasuke begins to steal chakra from the tailed beasts into his Susanoo. His Susanoo changes form, Naruto uses “Kage Buushin no jutsu” creating “three shadow clones of his Tailed Beast Mode”. Sasuke uses a “bow and arrow”, as Naruto fuses two of the clones. Naruto tells to himself that “he always wanted to beat Sasuke in the past, but not the Sasuke that exists now” as he and Sasuke attack each other.

08-09hI’m a little concerned how this fight’s going to end considering there’s only a few chapters remaining. However, this fight has too much talking and not enough fighting. I fear another “Talk no jutsu” is likely. Whatever the outcome I hope the end is satisfying.




Chapter 601

Verge of Vermillion

01Nimaiya proclaims “the real battle begins here”. Gerard attacks him, and Nimaiya to lean back and avoid his slash. Gerard commends Nimaiya’s dodges and easily cuts him down “with a single attack”. This is obviously surprising to everyone.Lille claims that “could not be defeated by such an attack”. He aims his sniper and fires several “Heilig Pfeil” at Nimaiya, who easily cuts them in half deflecting them.

05kiNimaiya slashes Lille appearing to kill him and he cuts off Lille’s left hand in the process. He then stabs Pernida through the head, then cuts Askin “appearing” to kill him easily. Nimaiya explains his Zanpakuto to Askin. Askin survived his death  with his “The Deathdealing” ability and explains how “he always feels close to death”.

11hhhCan Nimaiya really kill the “elite” sternritters this easily? I will say while it will be a little bit disappointing it will be somewhat refreshing. Characters are rarely kill with “One” hit, would Kubo do that? I don’t know if the other are officially dead or not but I think at least Nimaiya will have his hands full with the “immortal” Askin.




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