Weekly Shonen (10/9/14)

One Piece

Chapter 763

Declaration of humanity


In this chapter we get more back story on Doflamingo and Law. Doflamingo awakens from a nightmare featuring himself and his family as they are hanging from a building by a vengeful mob. The mob is unsure of whether they should kill them or “make them suffer“. Individual people reveal the tragedies that the World Nobles inflicted on them and their families. World Nobles have demanded  a tax that has rendered them impoverished.

We then flashback 33 years in the past to Mariejois. Doflamingo’s father “Donquixote Homing” leaves the life of a World Noble taking his wife and two children with him. The other World Nobles were angered by Homing’s desire to leave. The Donquixotes head to a “World Government non-member nation“. They  are given “a mansion and a small fortune“.

15rtrDoflamingo, is slow to understand the that things are not the way they use to be. He immediately asks to “get some slaves“. When other citizens “won’t bow down to him” Doflamingo becomes enraged. Doflamingo’s behavior alerts the public to his families heritage, and they burn down the Donquixote mansion in response. Homing pleads with the World Nobles to give his family shelter. They flat out refuse to help unsurprisingly, claiming that he’s nothing but a “filthy human“.

Doflamingo for “the first time is hungry“, soon his mother dies and his father pleads for his children to be spared. Meanwhile, Law gets caught and is made a member of the Doflamingo family. Doflamingo tells Law about “a Devil Fruit that can cure his illness“. He offers to train Law to become his right hand man in “10 years”. Corazon lies to cover for Law saying  an “enemy” attacked him.

lawLaw spends the next few years joining the crew as they commit act of piracy. Law finally reveals his full name, “Trafalgar D. Water Law“. Corazon grabs Law and speaks for the first time, “telling him to get away from Doflamingo“. One of the interesting and confusing aspects about One Piece is the use of “D” in one’s name. I clearly need to research it a bit more but I do find it odd that it has such significance.

Especially considering the fact that theoretically anyone can name themselves or children with the “D” initial. I am aware of the fact that the mystery surrounding the “Will of D” is part of One Piece’s story but, it seems odd that no one appears to fake the “Will of D“. Anyway, the story continues to get interesting, thought I can’t wait to see why Doflamingo to kill his brother.




Chapter 600


05ghkjhjgjSenjumaru “appears” dead as she falls to the ground resulting in a pool of blood. Lying there “with a hole in her head“, Gerard criticizes Lille ruining the path of Yhwach. Lille has Pernida remove her body, he crumple it into a ball. Gerard mentions that the “Zero squad” is failing to meet expectations. Lille uses his sniper rifle to “destroy” the cities that surrounded the Soul King Palace.

Lille turns to Yhwach and is stunned to find the surrounding area have turned into fabric. The real Senjumaru reveals “this was a fake palace created for their arrival and that the real palace is being protected by Ichibei Hyosube, who has drawn a barrier over it that keeps it hidden”.

01pppLille takes aim attempting to shoot the real palace, a he does “large trees shoot up around the group and form a cage” as Kirio Hikifune explains “how she can create trees that absorb Reishi and block Reishi attacks“. Oetsu Nimaiya appears and draws his Zanpakuto before proclaiming “the battle of zero squad officially starts now“.

I expected that Senjumaru wasn’t dead, but she wasn’t even touched. It appears that the zero squad is as powerful as advertised and they plan on fighting together with in the cage. I getting excited at their possible abilities. Though the back and forth of the battle is just getting started, I’m already intrigued.





Chapter 695

Naruto and Sasuke

002It so bitter sweet that this chapter is the beginning of the last five chapters of Naruto ending at chapter 700. So lets enjoy it while it lasts. This chapter was mostly a battle chapter (the way it should be). Sasuke launches a “Fire release – Great Fireball Technique” at Naruto. Naruto respond by activating his “Six Paths Sage Technique” then uses a “chakra arm to deflect it“. Sasuke appears behind him and attacks with a Chidori.

Sasuke activates his Susanoo and shoots three arrows, which Naruto counters with three “Truth-Seeking Balls“. Sasuke uses his “Perfect Susanoo” and attacks as Naruto counters with his “Kurama avatar“. As they clash, they flashback to their youth. Sasuke claims that “Naruto will die if he continues to fight at his current pace, but Naruto refuses to let Sasuke kill him and chides Sasuke for trying to do everything alone once again“.

010-11Sasuke uses “Chidori” with his Susanoo, and Naruto forms a “Tailed Beast Ball” fused with “Senjutsu” to counter. Naruto notes that “he will never abandoned Sasuke” as their attacks combine creating a massive explosion. Sasuke states that he “truly understands Naruto’s actions and has reciprocal respect for them“.

I’m a little sad Naruto is ending but have much hope for one final battle. I think its safe to say Sasuke won’t die, but four chapters seems inefficient for this important battle. Hopefully, we can avoid a bout of “Talk no Jutsu“. The battle so far isn’t anything new in terms of techniques. I don’t know what I’m expecting from this fight. However, it should at least be entertaining and I don’t think that’s too much to hope for.



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