Weekly Shonen (09/25/14)


Chapter 598

The Shooting Star Project

(We only have to beat you mix)

Bleach 598.2Ichigo and the others begin to blast of towards the soul palace, Ganju Shiba interrupts them. He and Ichigo have some witty banter and Ganju gives them a map of the soul palace. Ichigo warns Ganju of the dangers of this fight as Ganju states that he is going with them. After a countdown they blast off.

Orihime reminisces of the last time they were all together and flying through the skies, with the one caveat that Ishida was with them. Meanwhile, at the soul palace Nianzol faces off against the shinigami. Nianzol’s ability seems to be twist and bend the enemies that he sees.

ttttttttSenjumaru uses her guards to attack, Nianzol reveals that “he can deflect the attacks of any enemy whose abilities he has seen before” then cutting the guards in half. Senjumaru points that “she did not say that the guards were the only enemy which Nianzol could not see” as she reveals that she has completely re-tailored his trench coat. Her newly tailor robe pierces Nianzol.

I’m excited to see Senjumaru’s abilities (assuming she has to use them all). I like her style and her personality so far. Nianzol abilities are unimpressive so far, but we’ll see what his next move is in the next chapter. Personally, I find Nianzol’s speech impediment to be annoying and generally distracting. I also don’t know what Yhwach was thinking allowing Nianzol to fight Senjumaru. If she kills him which is likely then he won’t have the protection against the zero squad. However, he probably has another “convenient” sternritter to help.





Chapter 693

Once Again

hhhNaruto pleads with Sasuke to release the tailed beast, Sasuke responds that Naruto is the Jinchuuriki for all the tailed beast and must be destroyed. Naruto say he will stop Sasuke. Sasuke suggests a change in venue for their fight, Kakashi interrupts.

Sakura erupts with anger and suddenness at her own “pathetic behavior”, as she begs Sasuke to reconsider. Sasuke says that she’s “damned young”, then he shockingly pierces her through her chest. It turns out to be a genjutsu that results in Sakura passing out. Sasuke says he did it only to prevent her from following them. Sasuke proclaims that he has no reason to love Sakura and doesn’t know why she loves him.

kkkkuSasuke and Naruto go off to fight, leaving the others behind. Hagoromo explains how tricky love can be. He tells Kakashi about his sons and how “he regretted his actions in unintentionally making the two brothers fight”. He says that “Indra’s love for both him and his brother, Asura, turned to hatred and that the same thing has happened to both Sasuke and Madara”.

Naruto and Sasuke arrives at the “Valley of the End”. Naruto tells Sasuke that he “will never be the Hokage”. He reiterates what Itachi said “that the Hokage is not chosen by their strength, but by the people”. Sasuke claims to already “knows that, but saying that because he wishes to ignite a revolution”, his version of the Hokage “will be different from Naruto’s view and tells him that he will teach him his meaning on what a Hokage is”.

sasmThis chapter was mostly a set up chapter for the fight between Naruto and Sasuke. At this point I find Sasuke to be annoying. I’ll admit that for a second I thought that Sasuke did actually kill Sakura but I was glad that she wasn’t killed. I really enjoyed the symbolism of this chapter, and that the final fight will occur at the “Valley of the End”.  Other than that not much happened in this chapter but the set up was successful.




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