Weekly Shonen (09/19/14 )

One Piece

Chapter 761

The Ope Ope Fruit

Bl12In the North West town, Primla the animals begin to hurt themselves as they attempt to escape. The marines try to use tranquilizers to tame them but they run out. Pirates begin to loot , as Vice Admiral Maynard is informed of the end of Sabo and Admiral Fujitora duel. The marines aim to simply gain control of the chaos.

Meanwhile, at the Palace Luffy, Law and Doflamingo continue to battle. Luffy manages to counter Doflamingo’s attack with “Octopus Stamp“. However, his reprieve is short lived as Doflamingo appears right behind him. He claims that
it’s beyond” Luffy’s comprehension “, “what a mere human could possibly do to a fallen tenryuubito“.

ioioioioiHe begins to babble about humans being “savage creatures“, and aims to “execute” Law first. Law asks Doflamingo “how he still has power” considering he is a fallen “tenryuubito“. He claims that he is an important part of the “inner circle of the holy land, Mariejois“. He states that if his “existence” alone is known the world would “shake to it’s core“.

Doflamingo’s says that he has an “unbelievable trump card“. He says that if he had the power of “Ope Ope no Mi” that he would be able to take control of the entire world. He considers the “Ope Ope no Mi” fruit to be one of the most powerful devil fruits. Law chimes in and says his ability to “grant eternal life” with “ageless surgery“.

koilkuijkhkHowever, doing so will cost the user his life. Law thanks Cora for providing him with the ability to “defeat Doflamingo’s entire crew“. We flash back 16 years in the past when Law first meet with Cora. The first few pages of the chapter didn’t really add anything to the story. Generally, this chapter biggest reveal was the power of Ope Ope no Mi fruit. Other than that this chapter was mostly a set up for how Law meet Cora, looks like an interesting story.




Chapter 597

Winded by the Shadow

uiuiuiuiPepe clearly is petrified by Liltotto, begging her for “forgiveness” as she seemly “eats” him. Meanwhile, a the soul palace Tenjiro Kirinji realize he can’t land a hit on Yhwach and he doesn’t even bother dodging. He attacks once again and fails to land a hit, he can’t comprehend why.

kkkkkkSenjumaru Shutara arrives with some shinigami, and says that “it’s been a while, Yhwach“. She suggests that he’s gotten “cocky” after killing Captain Commander. Yhwach approaches her and is attacked by the shinigami. They surround him, but like previously he neglects to dodge.We are introduced to another sternritter, Nianzol Weizol.Finally, we shift to Ichigo and the other who are about to launch.

I glad we shifted to the soul palace, a change of pace was needed. I’m also pleased that Yhwach didn’t simple thrash Tenjiro. I think the fact that he is using the power of sternritter W to avoid being hit is a sign that he’s not strong enough to simply run through all of the zero squad members. Other than that the chapter was fast paced, I’m hoping the narrative remains at the soul palace and we get to see the zero squad fight to completion.




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