Weekly Shonen (09/11/14)


Chapter 692


iiiiiiiiiiiiThe former Hokage say their farewells as they disappear, The tailed beast announce with glee their new found freedom. Hachbi however, will remain with Killer Bee. Hagoromo mentions that “chakra from everyone of them has seeped into Naruto, you could say Naruto is their meeting place. Wherever there is something they want to discuss, they can all meet up within Naruto and use him“. Kurama is told that he will be the one “who manages it all. And thus is told that he’ll have to stay with Naruto“.

Hagoromo mentions that “all that is left is to dispel the Infinite Tsukuyomi”, to which he mentions that Naruto who has all the Tailed Beasts chakra and Sasuke who has the Rinnegan can work together in order to release the jutsu“. Hagoromo mentions that “it’s not Sasuke’s time to answer the question“. Sasuke’s shockingly states “he’s going to execute the Five Kages “. He quickly manages to put all the tailed beasts under his control.

oiiuSasuke mentions that that his desire is no longer destruction, “his goal previously was revenge. Things are not different. Things that were destroyed can always be fixed and rebuilt, villages freed from the clutches and employ of darkness. He wants to reform the entire Shinobi world“. Sasuke wants from all of this is a Revolution. He uses “Chibaku Tensei” to trap all of the Tailed Beasts.

Sasuke he has “gotten used to his new abilities and Rinnegan.Naruto steps forwards to face Sasuke when he exhales”. He mentions that “this is false, the brothers’ feud will come to an end as he is willing to stop it now“! Well I was a naive sucker. While I always knew Sasuke and Naruto would fight, but I though it would be more of a Chuunin exam type setting with the winner becoming Hokage. One prediction I would make is that Sasuke is probably not going to die at the end. This was a very surprising end even though we always new that Sasuke was going to face off against Naruto. Let hope the fight is awesome.




One Piece

Chapter 760

The Same Bet

rttytytytySabo is chastised for making a spectacle of himself while fighting Marine Admiral Fujitora. Koala fears fighting an Marine Admiral “will attract unwanted attention” to the Revolutionaries, forcing them into war.The citizens release Usopp and the others at the Plateau. They with former King Riku to tell them what to do. He tells them to trust “Luffy to overthrow Doflamingo“, Admiral Fujitora strangely agrees with King Riku.

98jkjhTrebol can’t seem to reform himself after Law separates his body parts. Law attempts to attack him again, but Doflamingo stops the attack and incapacitates Law. Luffy tries to help in the fight, but Doflamingo handles him easily and binds him with his strings, leaving him to be hit by a controlled Bellamy. Doflamingo tells them that “he hates people looking down at him” and reveals how his father “made the family leave the life of luxury and how his mother died of illness because of their fallen status“.

Doflamingo hater for his father resulted in him murdering his father. He was unable to return to the privileged life of a “World Noble” as they rejected him. He then swore to “destroy the entire world ruled by them“. Doflamingo is clearly owning Law and Luffy in this fight. I’m sure the will turn the tide of battle at some point but thing aren’t looking good. Trebol seems to just be in the way, and I have a feeling Doflamingo is going to turn on him eventually. It’s disappointing that we didn’t get to see Sabo verses Admiral Fujitora but I was intrigued by his faith in Luffy. The fight is just beginning but it’s becoming exciting to see how Luffy will win this one.




Chapter 596

Rubb Dolls 3

ghgggfgfByakuya asks Rose and Kensei “what happened to them“, Hisagi attacks but is quickly defeated by Kensei. Kensei returns Byakuya’s Zanpakuto to him, as Mayuri arrives and notes that “the enemies have arrived on time once more“. He gleefully states that he now has “wonderful contributions to the Kurotsuchi: Corpse Properties research squad“.

Byakuya asks “what has Kurotsuchi done to Rose and Kensei“, Mayuri responds that he has “saved” them.Both Kensei and Rose collapse to the ground, Mayuri reveals that he “laced the blood of the resurrected Arrancar“. Mayuri theorizes how Giselle’s blood works concluding that the blood she uses to “zombify her victims takes longer to activate depending on how powerful the Reiatsu of the victim is, which is why the captain-level combatants have reddish skin“.

2sdt6thhghgMayuri reveals that he has blood of every member of the Gotei 13. This enables him to “replace someone’s blood by developing a medicine with one of the samples as a base“. Giselle doesn’t understand so he simplifies his explanation, that “her zombies become his zombies“. He has Rose stab he as he tells her “farewell“, Byakuya tells Mayuri that he should have just “mercifully killed them“.

Mayuri says that “protecting the Soul Society till one’s last breath is the goal of the Gotei 13“, Byakuya responds “that’s absurd“. Pepe uses his “love” ability on Kensei thinking he couldn’t resists, Kensei attacks him as Mayuri states that “his zombies don’t know the meaning of love“. Kensei knocks Pepe into a building as he curses those without love as Liltotto Lamperd stands above him.

14rrrrMayuri worldview often clashes with others, his insistence that he saved Kensei and Rose as opposed to Byakuya stating that he show mercy by killing them. I guess you’ll fall on the side of Byakuya if you believe that a “life” of being a seemingly mindless puppet is preferable to death. Then again you could argue that they are “dead”, but far more useful as zombie instead of being maggot food. I will say I agree with Mayuri. It seems pretty clear that this fight is over and Liltotto is probably going to bite Pepe’s head off. Will she put up a better fight against Byakuya and Mayuri, short answer no.



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