Weekly Shonen (08/29/14)


Chapter 690


naruto-5158757So here we are at the end of Kaguya, as she is defeated (sealed) by Naruto and Sasuke. She resigns herself to being sealed yet again. They activate “Chibaku Tensei” as she flashes back to the last time she was sealed. Hagoromo is relieved that they finally have sealed her. He says “now I only have to retrieve all of you”.

The ten tails loses it as Hagoromo finally extracts the other nine tailed beast from it. Chibaku Tensei begin lifting large pieces of the earth. Son Goku mentions to Kurama that Naruto “is nice”. Kaguya and the ten tails return to the Gedo Mazo statue. Madara’s corpse is rejected and The Gedo Mazo begins to become engulfed in rocks forming planets.

naruto-5158759Naruto throws the arm of Kaguya (Black Zetsu) into Chibaku Tensei. Sakura realizes that they may not be able to get out of the dimension now that Kaguya is defeated. Hagoromo summons everyone back (including Madara) with the help of the five kages as he thanks everyone for saving the world.

Kaguya “death” was anticlimactic and a little disappointing. I don’t know what I wanted but this entire fight was unsatisfying. Their were small bits of glory, Naruto and Sasuke fighting together with their new powers, Kakashi gaining the Sharingan from Obito and Sakura’s helpful final punch. I hoping that the ending of the series will be more satisfying even though I’m dreading the end.



One Piece

Chapter 758

Ignore it and move on

one-piece-5158793Finally we have reached the end of the journey, as Law and Luffy have reached the Fourth Level. Diamante states that he wasn’t going to allow Luffy and Law to pass. Luffy tells Rebecca that he’s “happy she’s met her father”. She asks “Lucy”, “will you really . . . defeat Doflamingo”. He responds “my name’s not Lucy”, “I’m Luffy, the man who’ll become king of the pirates”.

Diamante try’s to stop them, Law uses his devil fruit ability “Room: Shambles”to counters and  transport himself and Luffy into the palace. Luffy and Law are detected by Sugar as she declares revenge. Usopp plans to stop Sugar again and that he will “stop her at all cost”. The citizens try to capture Usopp, Violet and the others. Violet uses her ability to help Usopp find Sugar.

one-piece-5158819He’s able to locate her and uses his “Secret move: Long Range Bugworm”. When it reaches Sugar it “brings back the enemies trauma”, resulting in an odd recreation of Usopp’s scary face. As a result Sugar fails to transform Luffy and Law. The final page is of Law and Luffy standing in from of Doflamingo and Trevor as they both declare “they are going to kick his ass”.

This chapter was exciting considering the wasn’t much action. I was dreading the fact that Sugar might turn both Luffy and Law into toys. However, that was clearly never going to happen. I hoping that now Luffy and Law have arrived to face Doflamingo, Oda will go to each previously set up battle and stay with the fight until the conclusion.




Chapter 594


bleach-5158909Mayuri stabs Hitsugaya with his Zanpakuto, Ashisogi Jizou. Hitsugaya is completely paralyzed and Mayuri injects him with another drug. Hitsugaya screams in agony, as Captain Rose, Captain Kensei, Vice – Captain Rangiku arrive to stop Mayuri. Mayuri is slightly annoyed and sends the Arrancar to intervene. Meanwhile, Byakuya easily dispatches three sternritter.

Hisagi approaches Byakuya claiming he defeated one sternritter. Then he attacks Byakuya who seems surprise and asks him why he’s attacking. He says he’s doing it for Pepe. Weird Pepe begins to sing about love and launches an attack against his fellow sternritter’s. Menina’s is caught and fall’s “in love” with Pepe. She attacks Liltotto, Pepe tells them to stop fighting as “he will never tie himself to just one person“.

bleach-5158897Not much happened in this chapter, but set up. I wonder how in depth Kubo will get into Mayuri’s “experiment“, and is he trying to save Hitsugaya at all. I think the Arrancar verses the zombie shinigami isn’t going to end well for them. I doubt they have the power to defeat them but we’ll see. As for Byakuya I’m guessing they are saving his “new” Bankai for a more important moment. Pepe is just weird and his powers seem to relate that. I seems obvious to me that he probably has very little physical power.



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