Weekly Shonen (08/06/14)

One Piece

Chapter 756

Level 4

017As they search for the captured princess Violet wonders why she has never heard of a princess. She uses her devil fruit powers to search for her. Kinemon arrives to meet Usopp, he notes that he finds it surprising the they have made it this far. He warns that “a truly fearsome contingent of characters are making their” way to their current location.

Kanjuro tells Usopp to worry as he has placed a net for them to climb. Usopp unsurprisingly shouts “WHY THE HELL WOULD YOU DO THAT FOR, IDIOT”. Violet locates Princess Mansherry. She tells Leo that Mansherry is located “behind the chapel in a small room”. As Robin, Rebecca and Bartolomeo fly over level 3 they are attacked by “Puncture Parlor”.

018Robin begins to fall, she uses her ” Deux Fleur” on Gladius. She tells Rebecca to “get to the flower fields” and that “she’ll be find”. Meanwhile, Violet notices that Sugar is awake. Sugar is enraged and vows to turn everything into toys starting with Usopp and the rest of the Straw-hat Crew.

We switch to Luffy and the others, their horse Farul head is crushed by the giant toy. Luffy uses his “Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol” and puts a hole in the toy. Cavendish angrily attacks the nutcrackers with “Beautiful Blade: Round Table”. However, the nutcrackers restores themselves. Robin, Bartolomeo and Gladius crash down onto a nutcracker. Law asks Robin for the key to the sandstone cuffs, but she says that they are with Rebecca.

CaptureGladius says that he will find Rebecca and kill her. Robin tells Luffy and the others to head to the fourth level and she will take care of Gladius. Rebecca arrives at the fourth level just below the palace. At first Rebecca is pleased to have arrived, but she is quickly horrified to find that her mothers killer is there, Diamante.


This was a standard chapter, nothing major occurred but the story progressed nicely. Violets powers prove to be very handy, searching the Kingdom without risking injury due to encountering enemies. The set ups in the chapter were Robin and Bartolomeo fighting Gladius and the Nutcrackers and Rebecca fighting Diamante. I think it’s safe to say that Rebecca doesn’t stand much of a chance against Diamante. I think she’ll hold her own until her father comes to her rescue.




Chapter 688

… Of the Sharingan

Nsruto1While in “limbo” Obito appears as he did when he was a child. In tears he asks Rin “to wait a little longer for him” as he goes to the other world. He says that Kakashi has become useless in this battle. Obito uses his Kamui to return to the “core” dimension. Obito enters then mind of Kakashi, where he tells Kakashi not to join him in death.

He tells Kakashi that he told Naruto to “become Hokage”, but the seventh one. He says that he thinks Kakashi should be the sixth. Obito reminds him that his name is feared and respected. The name is “Kakashi of the Sharingan“. Meanwhile, the arm of Kaguya featuring Black Zetsu is severed and pinned down. Kaguya pushes back Sasuke, Naruto shouts out “Let’s do it guys”.

034-035All nine Bijuu confirm there readiness as they lend their chakra to Naruto’s Rasengan Shuriken. He along with his eight other Shadow clones hurl the Rasengan’s at Kaguya. Kaguya attempt to transform and seems to be failing to do so. She attacks with fast moving chakra arms, one attacks Sakura who isn’t quick enough to dodge it.Sasuke attempt to use his Sharingan to save her but its Kakashi who uses his Susanoo to save her. He proclaims as everyone is shocked that he will protect them and the world.



Personally, I didn’t expect much from this chapter. That was shortsighted of me. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’ve been begging Kishimoto to give Kakashi’s both of Obito’s eyes and he did. The manner in which he did this was a little questionable. They haven’t really explained in the Naruto series whether the “limbo” is real or symbolic.

Though if Obito can “leave” then I guessing its, both real (in a spiritual sense) and symbol of the relationship that existed between the newly departed and already deceased. Although Rin notes that chakra is the link between to worlds. Another part of this epic chapter was Naruto (all nine of them) using “Senpou Chou Bijuu Rasen Shuriken“. Finally, Kakashi’s Susanoo is simply epic looking.




Chapter 592

Marching out the Zombies 3

086-087Yumichika and Ikkaku are unsurprisingly shocked that Hitsugaya now being zombified. Yumichika attempts to use “Bakudou”, Ikkaku stops him. He is then hit with a wave of ice, trapping his leg in ice. Hitsugaya mindlessly attacks, stabbing Ikkaku through the chest. Yumichika blocks his sword but it does help, he is slashed across the chest.

Mayuri takes note that he is fighting just like when he was “alive”. Hitsugaya attacks him but Mayuri easily dodges. He deduces that Hitsugaya was transformed while he was still alive. Giselle confirms this, apparently a living fighter without their personality is better than someone brought back from the dead.

089Charlotte appears to face Hitsugaya and is slashed across the chest much like Yumichika. Mayuri blocks Hitsugaya’s next attack with a barrier, and punishes Charlotte by leaving him at “the verge of death”. Mayuri claims that he has several new drugs that he would like to try out on Hitsugaya, “for the good of the seireitei”.


Kubo wastes no time confirming that Hitsugaya is technically still “alive”. The quickness and brutality that he inflicts on his former comrades is a bit surprising. However, considering he is a mindless fighter maybe it shouldn’t be. The best person to face Hitsugaya is Mayuri. Not only is he the only one who can he reverse Giselle’s powers, he’s a bit of a sociopath and won’t care about fighting a comrade. I’m curious what Mayuri has in store for Hitsugaya it should be fun.





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