Weekly Shonen (07/30/14)


Chapter 591

Marching Out the Zombies 2

bkIkkaku and Yumichika notice that the zombies Mayuri reveal were former foes. Charlotte sees Yumichika and states that “he cannot believe i went and forgot that ugly, little miss droopy over there’s name”. Yumichika threatened to kill him again. The former Arrancar begin to bicker and Mayuri uses a device to set them a blaze, stating “no standing around making small talk”.

Giselle enrages the Arrancar by suggesting that they couldn’t defeat her shinigami zombies. Mayuri quotes former Captain Commander Genryusai Shigekuni Yamamoto and concludes that all enemies of Soul Society must be destroyed. Meanwhile, the Arrancar quickly handle the shinigami and Luppi tells Dordoni that dodge the zombie blood was unnecessary.

jjkjkkkGiselle restores Bambietta to form, Charlotte appears behind her. He states that he feels the need to fight her because “she resembles him”. She sends Bambietta after him and he easily defeats her with a heart shaped Cero. Bambietta clearly being outmatched Giselle summons a zombified Toshiro Hitsugaya.


This chapter was straight forward, the silly, fun tone of the latest few chapters was consistent. I was predictable that the Arrancar would slaughter the zombie shinigami. What was surprising was the “Death” of Hitsugaya. Once upon a time Hitsugaya was my favorite shinigami, but that was years ago.

I’m surprise that Kubo did this bold move. That said I personally think its a way to open up a Captain slot for Rukia. I’m also not sure that the zombification of Hitsugaya is permanent. Another question is Matsumoto also “dead” as well?

One Piece

Chapter 755

Man’s World

opoKanjuro draws ladders to the ceiling of the scrapyard allowing the trapped citizens to escape. He draws the lines crooked making it difficult to climb but they are still grateful. Inside the SMILE factory the dwarves are defeating their oppressors. The open the to the queens sick room. The quickly find out that nothing is in the room but junk.

The other dwarves attempt to open the door to the SMILE factory from the inside. Franky is able to hear them with his super hearing. He tricks Senor Pink by saying that there’s a frail old lady in an alley nearby. Meanwhile, the dwarves attempt to turn the knob to open the door.

uiuiuiThey are stopped by factory boss Kyuiin, she uses a large vacuum to suck up the dwarves. Before she can finish Franky opens the doors rescuing them. Franky uses “Franky Southland Suplex” slamming Kyuiin into Senor Pink. Kyuiin appears hurt but she yell’s at Franky for hurting her, he respond by kissing her. She is confused and Franky and Senor Pink babble on about love.

After declaring that they are “heart breakers”, Franky and Pink use their “Nipple Light Special” and “Diaper Bomb” respectively. Elsewhere, Pica and Zoro continue their fight. Leo is informed of the princesses whereabouts and Rebecca and the other head over to where she is to save her.


To be honest I was underwhelmed by this chapter. I don’t really care about the dwarves or their princess. The fight between Franky and Senor Pink wasn’t that interesting. They didn’t show any of the Zoro, Pica fight. Hopefully, we’ll see more of Zoro’s fight and less of Franky’s (though I personally like Franky).



Chapter 687

I know you will

nj,jKakashi asks Obito why he sacrifice himself but wouldn’t allow he to do so. Obito says that “his strength is still needed”. Meanwhile, Kaguya begins to “crumble” and needs to get more chakra. Naruto attempts to “save” Obito, but Black Zetsu mocks Obito as “worthless scum”. While Zetsu verbally attacks Obito, Sasuke’s Sharingan powers are restored.

He attacks Kaguya, but she sends them into another dimension. Sasuke decides to be the diversion this time and tells Naruto to leave Obito to his death. Obito thanks Naruto for “waking” him up, and that he sees himself in him. Obito has a flashback of Rin (for the millionth time) as he crumbles he tells Naruto that he believes he will be Hokage. Black Zetsu continues to attack Obito even after death, angering Naruto, who attacks Kaguya.


This chapter was slow and I’ve been feeling that the last few chapters haven’t progressed very much. What ever Kubo is doing with Bleach, Kishimoto needs to follow. Now that Obito has finally died and Sasuke’s Sharingan has returned we can get back to the battle. I hoping Kakashi becomes useful ( even though I’m disappointed that Kishimoto let Obito died with his Sharingan). That said Kakashi still has his experience to fall back on and Sakura well I think her usefulness is unfortunately over.




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