Weekly Shonen (07/23/14)

One Piece

Chapter 754

Please to make your Acquaintance

 567Kinemon is ecstatic to finally have found Kanjuro, The Samurai of the Wano Kingdom. Kanjuro begins to draw an image of a bird on the wall, he utters the words “come forth” and the bird became real. It’s poorly drawn and doesn’t look like it can fly carrying both Kanjuro and Kinemon. The citizens beg Kanjuro to take them with him.

Meanwhile, the Colosseum army battles against Doflamingo’s family. Luffy, Cavendish, Kyros and Law manage to escape to the third level. Cavendish feels that “Doflamingo will stop at nothing to prevent that information from leaking”. He states that Doflamingo made an error by bringing “Every Single Super Human Weirdo on these seven seas”.

Luffy, Cavendish, Kyros and Law argue about who’s going to “take Doflamingo’s head”. They all claim that they have long grudges to settle with Luffy comically claiming he had a 30 year grudge (prior to his birth). The group runs into several large puppets. We switch to Pica verses Zoro, Pica uses “Pulpo Stone”. He dodges it while noticing Rebecca and the others. Pica also notices them an uses his statue to attack them. Zoro uses his “Santoryu 1080 pound cannon”, claiming that Pica “was never in his league to begin with”.


There not much to this chapter more of the same which isn’t bad. I’m still waiting for my big battle. Maybe next week.



Chapter 686

Those that remain and those that pass on

06_07Hagoromo informs the Hokage’s of the previous events, and how he managed to manifest himself in spirit form. Minato asks him “how he plans on performing” the jutsu he mentioned. Hagoromo say’s that he doesn’t have enough chakra to perform it and he needed the Hokage to listen because he was running out of time.

Meanwhile, Naruto and Kaguya continue to battle each other. Kaguya launches two bones at clones as they defend the “real” Naruto confirming Black Zetsu’s suspicions. Kakashi wonders what his purpose is in this fight. He goes on to question himself, and seems to consider himself a massive failure.

As Kakashi says he must be able to do something, Obito, Sakura and Sasuke arrive. Naruto becomes distracted by Sasuke’s arrival and Kaguya takes advantage grabbing him with her hair and stabs him with bones. Unsurprisingly, this Naruto is a clone, he cleverly used the black sphere’s to trick Kaguya.

As Naruto chats with Sasuke like his not in a life and death situation. Kaguya concludes that it’s time to use her chakra and she transforms the environment to a gravity dimension. Interestingly enough Kaguya is also effected by the gravity. She quickly launches bones toward Naruto and Sasuke, they barely dodge.

As Kaguya launches another pair of bones Obito and Kakashi aim to become shields for Naruto and Sasuke. While running towards them they are “grabbed” by Rin. Preparing to be impaled they both remember Rin but at the last moment Obito use Kamui to save Kakashi.


A lot more happened in this chapter than I expected. For some reason I’m not that interested in the jutsu Hagoromo is preparing, but I hope it’s cool. One thing that interests me was Kaguya’s use of bones. Now if anyone remembers Kimimaro was from the Kaguya clan, that used bones as weapons. Clearly, like the Byakugan she is the “mother” of many jutsu’s. I always though the her name might be related  I was right.

Another interesting aspect of this chapter was Kakashi’s doubting himself. I realize his lost of Sharingan hinders a lot of his power, but Kakashi was supposed to have been bad ass even as a child without the sharingan. All of a sudden he’s useless because he does have the sharingan, come on. He could use he intellect to come up with a good strategy, he apparently has over 1,000 jutsu that we almost never see. I don’t know what Kishimoto has planned for him, but I hope it’s better than this. P.S. it would be a waste if Obito dies and doesn’t give Kakashi BOTH of his eye’s.



Chapter 590

Marching Out the ZOMBIES

mayuGiselle tells Mayuri that she can’t see him, and could he identify himself. Mayuri response that “ignorance truly is bliss”, he  proclaims “When your opponent is of such the caliber as yours truly one can’t help but gleam with an incandescent light”. Both Ikkaku and Yumichika note that they are also bothered by the light but are able to reconcile Mayuri’s voice.

“Zombietta” gets in front of Giselle to shield and asks her for something. Giselle doesn’t seem to care and she slaps Zombietta, who apologizes out of fear of punishment. Mayuri mocks the conversation as being “sweet”, figuratively suggesting that it “brought a tear to his eye”. He turns down the light of his outfit. He calls everyone “peons” which appears to annoy Giselle.

Mayuri and Nemu dodge Zombietta’s projectiles which Mayuri notes as being “constant”. He tells Nemu to calculate her technique using the parameters of “three seconds”, Mayuri release several spherical shaped objects. These bombs are launched at Giselle and Zombietta, but exploded after three seconds.

Giselle wonders why they didn’t exploded right away. Mayuri insultingly states that he’ll “spoon feed” Giselle the information. He explains that the devices manipulate reishi, that “any reishi that comes into contact with it will have it’s flow interrupted for a set amount of time”. Basically, Zombietta’s ability is negate by his devices.

Gisele reveals her “stockpile” of Zombie Shinigami, Mayuri decries that he can’t “spill the blood” of members of the gotei 13 so he uses “Arrancar” to fight instead. The Arrancar appear to be Zombie’s themselves, they are Charlotte Chuhlhourne, Luppi Antenor, Dordoni Alessandro Del Socaccio and Cirucci Sanderwicci.



I’ve been waiting all week for this chapter and it didn’t disappoint. I don’t know what happen, but Kubo is on another level. Mayuri is by far my favorite Bleach character. He doesn’t fight very often but when he does he’s usually takes his time with his opponent.

Another aspect of Mayuri that I find interesting is his intellect. He is also rather self absorbed ( and rightfully so) and tends to mock his opponents lack of intelligence at least in comparison to his own. He was in rare form in this chapter quickly mocking Giselle and showing that he was more intelligent by quickly nullifying Zombietta’s ability.

The reveal of the Arrancar was surprising, I know that Mayuri experimented on Arrancar back in the Arrancar arc but didn’t think he’d keep them alive. I’m sure they’re techniques have change or at least improved. Regardless this fight just go started and it’s already interesting.





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