Weekly Shonen (07/16/14)

One Piece

Chapter 753


5555Bellamy the Hyena confronts Doflamingo about his betrayal. He asks Doflamingo if ” no longer wanted anything from him”. Doflamingo states that he and Bellamy “desire different things”. He said that Bellamy wanted to be a “pirate”, while he was fine with anything as long as he was “able to destroy this world”.

At palace plateau the Colosseum army battles against Don Quixote Family. The Colosseum army seems to be completely outmatched. Meanwhile, in Sebio the Marines stop the rampaging civilians under the control of Doflamingo’s devil fruit abilities.Inside the smile factory the dwarves are being abused by their captors when they are informed by “Pink Bees” that they have been tricked.

They respond by attacking their overseers. Kyros joins Luffy and tells him that he wants to kill one man. Upon seeing Luffy arrive the Colosseum fighters get into formation as they prepare for “War”. As the fighters come together Luffy and Cavendish attack the Doflamingo pirates as they move forward.


More build up, but not much progression. I think the One Piece story line is more of a marathon than a sprint, and I need to just be patient. That said there’s isn’t much to say. I hoping we get more in depth battles, but it’s too early to judge whether that will happen or not.




Chapter 685

Everything I’ve Got

yuyuSakura seems to take initiative and decides to “take the lead”. A flashback reveals what actually occurred in the dimension. Naruto is determined to distract Kaguya so she doesn’t return to the other dimension. Meanwhile, Sakura gives Obito “everything she’s got”, as Obito uses his Sharingan to search for Sasuke.

Kaguya seems to be easily handling Naruto’s shadow clones as Sasuke follows Naruto’s chakra. Obito opens another portal that leads to a “sea of acid”, but Sakura manages to move them both out of the way. Sakura is mildly burned by the acid and has to remove her vest. Sakura insist on continuing, and Obito uses his “Kamui” once again.

They finally locate Sasuke and call to him. However, before he can reach them the portal closes. Sasuke appears behind Sakura catching her as she falls, and reveals that he has a new ability. He can now “swap places in an instant from a distance”, appearing to have switch places with Sakura’s disregard vest.


Like One Piece not much has happened but at least there was progression. The “fight” between Naruto and Kaguya is becoming repetitive, it’s interesting that Black Zetsu notes that the real Naruto has the Black chakra ball behind him. Sakura’s resolve seems to be her only moment to shine, but I’ll take it. The manner in which Sasuke was saved was just okay, but the last image of Sasuke and Sakura say’s a lot.




Chapter 589

The shooting star project

456556In the basement of the 12th division Ichigo asks Urahara “when he created kuukaku’s family’s cannon”. He states that Captain Kurotsuchi created it after the arrival of the “Zero Squad”, as he predicted it would be needed and he simply “put on the finishing touches”. He admits that Kurotsuchi is a genius though not as smart as him, and that he didn’t manage to perfectly replicate the cannon.

He points out that the cannon will collapse after “one shot”, Akon informs Urahara that his guest has arrived. Meanwhile, Sado points out Orihime’s outfit to Ichigo who says he thinks it’s “a little revealing’. She states that Urahara lied to her an told her that Ichigo would like the outfit.

Yoruichi arrives interrupting Orihime and she berates Ichigo for suggesting that Orihime would ever wear an outfit like that without being manipulated. Urahara explains what Yoruichi has been up to. Meanwhile, Ikkaku and Yumichika dodge “Zombietta’s” explosive reiatsu. Yumichika notices her powers and informs Ikkaku of them. He concludes that he simply needs to “slice her up while dodging”.

Yumichika uses “Hadou 57: Daichi no Tenyou”, and Ikkaku manages to stab her. However, this has little effect and as she’s about to blast Ikkaku he is save by Yumichika whom cuts her arm off. Giselle explains that Bambietta can’t die because she’s already dead. She admits that she was the one that ” delivered the finishing blow”, as she’s about to turn them into zombies Captain Kurotsuchi arrives declaring that she has “piqued” his interest.


This was by far the manga chapter of the week. ALL my favorite Bleach characters Kurotsuchi, Yoruichi and Urahara in one chapter. Captain Kurotsuchi to face Giselle, I’m excited for the next chapter. Personally I don’t know why Urahara wasted his time sending Orihime and Chad to the Soul Palace, but I guess Ichigo needs someone to save. Giselle is creepy and completely unlikeable and I hope Kurotsuchi destroys her. I love his fighting style and his tendency to out think his opponents while being somewhat cruel. Giselle deserves to be treated like a lab rat. I can’t wait.



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