Weekly Shonen (07/09/14)

One Piece is on hiatus this week.


Chapter 684

Must be killed


naruto-5046235Sakura realizes that Obito is in no condition to survive his travel to another dimension. Obito tells Naruto and Sakura to touch his body so they can travel with him. Naruto wonders whether Kaguya has notice them, Kakashi determines that she could care less about them. Kaguya charges toward Naruto who concludes can only be effected by “taijutsu” and “diversions”. Naruto uses “Kairiki Musou”, he successfully manages to hit her. Kurama then gives Naruto some chakra and he uses “Tajuu Kagebunshin no jutsu”. Naruto manages to overwhelm her with ” Naruto ittai rendan”. She opens the “door” to another dimension, Naruto manages to join her much to black Zetsu’s surprise. Black Zetsu warns his mother of the fact that Naruto got into the “first” dimension. The first dimension links to the other 5, he fears that Naruto’s yin/yang connection might allow him to get to Sasuke. Zetsu tells her she must kill him off, she is determined to steal all his chakra. She finally relents a decides to kill him with “tomogoroshi no haikotsu”, he dodges. However, she manages to hit “Naruto” then he disappears. Kaguya leaves the dimension assuming that Naruto’s clones have disappeared. Obito and Sakura arrive in the dimension having hid thanks to Naruto. Obito tells Sakura that he needs to rely on her, Kaguya is stunned to see that Naruto’s clones are still around.



For some reason Naruto seems to be stuck in place. I don’t feel like the story has progressed very far since they began fighting Kaguya but nothing feels major. Sasuke didn’t appear at all in this chapter which is fine but a little strange. Naruto plan seemed to work, but we are left to see its completion in the following chapter. I appears that Sakura will finally matter in this series. I’m thinking she will deliver both of Obito’s eye’s to Kakashi once he dies.


Chapter 588

The Headless Star 7


bleach-5046319The Royal Guard notices Yhwach and the others arrival. Haschwalth says that he “understands” Yhwach’s feelings. He responds ” looking at a rotten gravestone doesn’t make me feel the slightest emotion”. Haschwalth summons many Soldat to charge the palace. Kirinji arrives and introduces himself. Yhwach shouts “do you think someone like you can stop me?”, Kirinji responds “I wouldn’t come out if I didn’t think so”. Kirinji’s special hot spring water submerges the intruders. He says that his water “can squeeze out blood and reiatsu out of people”. He releases his zanpakuto “Kinpika”, and attacks. Meanwhile, Ikkaku and Yumichika face off against Giselle who asks them to “not” to attack. Yumichika seems to deduce that “something’s in her blood”, and shockingly proclaims that Giselle is actually a man. He claims that she “smells like semen”. Giselle becomes enraged a calls out  to “Bamby-Chan” the now zombie Bambietta.


This chapter started off well and ended strangely. Yhwach and his comrades Uryu and Haschwalth arrive at the soul palace without much trouble. I didn’t expect a quick confrontation by Kirinji. I’m excited to see how powerful he is considering the fact that the zero squad is so much more powerful than the gotei 13.

Ikkaku and Yumichika verses Zombietta and Giselle seems interesting. However, the suggestion from Yumichika that she was a man because she “seemed like semen” was a lot. Yumichika has always been odd, I’m assuming that he was being vulgar intentionally.


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