Weekly Shonen (07/02/14)

Naruto 683

I had the same dream as you

naruto-5031415Naruto reaches for Sasuke as he disappears into a portal, leaving Naruto behind. Black Zetsu notes that now that Sasuke is “gone”, Naruto can’t seal his mother any longer. Kaguya attacks Naruto through a portal, but Naruto evades it. Black Zetsu compliments Naruto on his reflexes. Kaguya notes that Naruto is fast as she disappears into yet another portal. She then attacks Naruto with “the world”.

naruto-5031409Sakura and Naruto (clone) discuss their situation, and he notes that he can’t sense Sasuke. Obito wakes up, wondering where he was. Naruto tells him that he will explain everything. Kakashi states that “if they don’t defeat Kaguya, our world is over”. He says that “they all are willing to die”.

naruto-5031413Meanwhile, the Hokage gather around Madara’s lower half. They discuss the effects of the infinite tsukuyomi. Hashirama tries to “save” Madara as he does Hagoromo appears before him. Sasuke attempts to escape but nothing seems to work. Obito guess that Kaguya uses a time space jutsu and that she has sent Sasuke into another dimension.

naruto-5031439Obito scheme’s that he can use his kamui and sync it with Kaguya time space jutsu. However, Obito doesn’t have enough chakra. Sakura offers her chakra as well, but Obito suggests that both Naruto and Sakura are needed. Obito plans on going into the other dimension where he will likely die.


Not much happened in this chapter, it was mostly set up. The Hokage are going to interact with Hagoromo which can be interesting. Obito plans are reasonable and his impending death is long overdue. Hopefully a lot of time won’t be wasted on the flashback’s they will likely give Obito. Also I wonder if Obito will give Kakashi BOTH his eye’s before he dies, let’s hope.


Bleach 587

The Headless Star 6

bleach-5031487Ichigo calls out to his former friend Uryu, as he disappears into the light. A large explosion erupts leaving Orihime to protect Ichigo from the damage. Orihime notes how powerful Ishida’s attack was, as Chad throws Ichigo. Chad explains that it’s pointless to question Uryu actions as he must have “a good reason” for it. Ichigo decides to “kick his ass and take him back”.

bleach-5031507Urahara arrives and offers to send Ichigo to the Soul King Palace. Rukia and Renji emerge from the rubble created by the earlier explosion. They are (conveniently) separated from the rest as they notice that Uryu “betrayed” Soul Society. Bazz-B show up to taunt them about Uryu and Renji quickly attacks him.

bleach-5031511Renji mocks Bazz-B hair cut angering him, he declares that he’s “going to kill” Renji. Before he attacks he tells Renji that he has “cool eyebrows”. Renji is flatter a say’s that Bazz-B is a nice guy before Bazz releases his “Burner Finger 4”. Yhwach, Haschwalth and Uryu arrive finally at the Soul King’s Palace.


I’m hoping that Urahara does more than playing scientist and travel agent in this arc but we’ll see (I’m also hoping that Yourichi also arrives). Renji verses Bazz-B is a interesting fight. I think that they are both well matched, and I doubt Rukia will need to interfere.

I going to assume this fight will be a bit silly, and I’m fine with that. The fact that Yhwach, Haschwalth and Uryu entered the Soul Palace so quickly was surprising. However, I figure Ichigo will (somehow) manage to take much longer to get there. That said Yhwach and the others are clearly powerful but are they really strong enough to defeat the Royal Guard? I’m excited to see them battle.


One Piece 752


one-piece-5031649Luffy quickly attacks Doflamingo and is easily deflected. He states to have come to “save” Luffy and Law. Doflamingo attacks “Ucy” knocking her out and trapping Luffy and Law in the process. Doflamingo notes that “anyone” could kill Luffy and Law in their current situation. Doflamingo questions when Law became soft, that he was both “crueler” and “craftier” when they were younger.

one-piece-5031659Law decries that he has “been saved”, Doflamingo attempts to attack him before being attacked by Abdullah and Jeet. Unsurprisingly it was just another Doflamingo string clone. They learn that “Kelly Funk” betrayed them. Kyros reaches”level one” as Luffy uses his “Elephant Gun” to create and opening in the cave.

one-piece-5031665With Law under his arm Luffy yells that he’s “coming for Doflamingo”. Meanwhile, at the “old king plateau” Bartolomeo , Robin and Rebecca use the “Tontatta taxi service” a series of flying beetles that will help them get to the flower hill by jumping. Franky fights Senor Pink in front of the “SMILE factory”, Zoro battles Pica and Sabo engages Fujitora. Cavendish tells Luffy he has a plan as Doflamingo remembers the day he meet Law.


I not at all surprised that Doflamingo was a clone. One piece storyline can take a longtime to be completely flushed out, and I appreciate that but I want my knock down dragged out fight. I doubt they will show each fight (that would take too long) but at least Sabo verses Fujitora. I’m mildly interested in Law’s back story but I do have interest in what Doflamingo was like.



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