Weekly Shonen (06/26/14)

Naruto 682

Betcha Never Seen This Before

Naruto asks for Sasuke’s ear, as Black Zetsu claims that “his mother” has absorbed “every known jutsu”. Kakashi notices that Kaguya has the power to ” forcefully pull them into another dimension”. He compares her power to that of a “God”. Naruto has been practicing a secret new technique that he hopes will create a distraction.


Sasuke prepares his left eye to take advantage of the potential opening. They begin their attack plan with Sasuke using Amaterasu, Kaguya seems unfazed. Naruto surrounds her with Shadow Clones then uses his “Reverse Harem no Jutsu”. Naruto seems to concluded that “there’s this trend forming that the stronger someone is the more these sexy techniques work”.

06-07Kaguya seems surprised and Sakura is clearly (and comically) effected. Naruto then lands a hit on her as he proclaims that “this is the history of the Ninja, you bitch”. Just when it looks like Naruto and Sasuke are about make head way, Kaguya freezes them in ice. She then escapes through a portal, as it becomes clear that Kaguya technique has transformed the environment into a frozen tundra.

mSasuke uses “Amaterasu” then “Kagutsuchi” to free himself and Naruto. Sasuke claims to have come up with a plan. Meanwhile, Black Zetsu suggest that Kaguya separate Naruto and Sasuke. Kaguya opens a portal and transport Sasuke to a desert dimension.


This chapter was very well balanced. The fusion of humor changed the sense that Naruto and the others were up against a unbeatable opponent (at least for a second). However, Kaguya quickly dispelled this by altering the landscape at will. Her power seems to literally have no bounds.

Reverse Harem no Jutsu was funny mostly because it was both unexpected and managed to have Sakura (who’s usually judgmental about men reaction to harem no jutsu) admit that she was effected. The diversion was ineffective though. Overall, the “Harem” felt like it was also design to be a diversion for the reading audience.

Clearly it wasn’t going to defeat Kaguya, but nothing seems to be able to. The feeling I get that she is so much more powerful than Naruto and Sasuke troubles me. I don’t no why but I can’t shake the feeling that “nothing” of importance has really occurred, maybe that’s because nothing has.


Bleach 586

Headless Star 5

Bazz-B counts his opponents and notes that there are more Shinigami than Sternritter. After begin told the “none are part of the special war forces”, he uses a “Spirit Weapon” shaped like a crossbow. Ikkaku attacks him, but he dodges. However, before he can counter Rukia freezes his arm as Ikkaku tells him “We ain’t goin’ anywhere until yer all dead”.

hweLiltotto suggest to the other sternritter that they uses their Vollstandig to quickly finish off their opponents. The two armies charge at one another, beginning their conflict. Meanwhile, Ichigo reaches Yhwach and before Haschwalth can attack Uryu does. Ichigo easily deflects it before noticing who shot it.

tHe is unsurprisingly stunned to see his friend with the enemy. Uryu states that Ichigo cannot stop Yhwach. Ichigo still shocked is attacked by Uryu using “Licht regen”. However, Orihime stops his assault with her ” Satten Kesshun”. Uryu leaves with Yhwach accepting that it will be the last time he sees his friends.



This was just a step up chapter, so I can’t really judge it negatively. The return of Orihime and Chad is an interesting development. I wonder how far the have developed their abilities, and whether Urahara and Yoruichi will come along. As for the battle between the Sternritter’s and Shinigami I wonder who will face off directly? Will Byakuya uses his “new” Bankai? Will Rukia uses her again? What happens if or when Orihime heals Kenpachi?


One Piece 751

Sabo vs Admiral Fujitora

Sabo begins attacking the marines, as a Vice Admiral Bastille yells at his subordinates as the get crushed by Sabo. Then Sabo and Bastille clash with Sabo easily handling him. Bastille attacks with his “Shark Cutter Knife”, which is quickly destroyed by Sabo’s “talons”.

luSabo then grab’s Bastille’s helmet proclaiming that he can crush a human head “like an egg”. Admiral Fujitora uses his ability and summons a meteor. The meteor is then sliced by Doflamingo’s “bird cage”. The meteor does a lot of damage. Fujitora wonders if he accidentally harmed any civilians.

222Sabo emerges from the flames unharmed and holding Bastille’s cracked helmet. He admits that he hasn’t mastered his new powers yet, as he “keep’s trying to dodge everything”. Fujitora asks about Sabo’s relation to Luffy and Ace, and Sabo response that they’re brothers. He and Sabo clash before we shift to Luffy and the Colosseum warriors.

3456789Luffy and the others continue to battle for the right to take Doflamingo’s head. Law asks when Luffy plans on removing his sea stone cuff, but Luffy as usual not very concerned. While traveling through the tunnel Luffy receives a call from Robin, informing that Viola found the sea stone keys. They decided to meet up at the Sunflower field. Luffy and Law stop as they are lead to a dead end, behind them DOFLAMINGO.



This is by far the best chapter of the week between the big 3. I complained previously about the lack of a long one on one fight, this was a good start. Sabo power isn’t terribly surprising give that he’s second in command in the Revolutionary army. That said the ease at which he dispatch Vice Admiral Bastille is a bit disappointing.

Thorough the One Piece series Vice Admiral’s have been basically fodder for the strongest fighters in the series. Considering the massive power that the Admirals possess they should at least put up a better fight. I’m hoping that the fight between Sabo and Fujitora is fully flushed out. The second half of the chapter was entertaining but unremarkable. However, the cliff hanger at the end put this chapter over the top, Doflamingo (or a clone?).





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