One Piece 750 & Bleach 585 & Naruto 681

0616145Aspects of Battle

The Colosseum warriors begin their assault on Doflamingo, as his “family” prepares for battle. Kyros is pinned down by citizens as they proclaim that they need to capture him to save themselves from death. Meanwhile, Bartolomeo is surprised that “Luffy” isn’t at the royal plateau.

17-18King Riku is introduced to Usopp, and Rebecca aims to give the key to “Lucy” so Law can be released. Franky uses his “Radical Beam”, he is attacked by Office Senor Punk and misses his target. Officer Dellinger is surprised that the Marines haven’t stopped the Colosseum warriors. Luffy gets ahead of the Colosseum, using his “Gatling Gun”. I turn’s out that Sabo has interfered with the Marines and aims to stop them from advancing.


Personally, I don’t think there was much to this chapter other than the advancement of the Colosseum warriors and Luffy towards an encounter with Doflamingo. The best aspect of this chapter was the potential Sabo vs Fujitora.


01The Headless Star 4

Ichigo is surprised by the light that appears behind him, Yhwach informs him that he “lead them to the light”. Yhwach can now invade the Soul King’s Palace. Due to Ichigo’s new clothing dubbed the “King’s Key”, because it made from the royal guards.

bThis allows Ichigo to go through the 72 layers between the Soul Kingdom and Soul Society, once past through it takes 6,000 seconds to close. Ichigo moves to attempt to stop him, but is attacked by the sternritter’s in succession. Renji arrives to help him, along with Rukia, Hisagi, Byakuya, Ikkaku, and Yumichika.



The fact that Ichigo’s clothing is the “key” to Yhwach’s ascent to the soul kingdom seems to me a bit silly. I’ll skip the fact that (6,000 seconds seems too perfect or specific). That said the fact that Yhwach is heading toward the soul kingdom is a good Idea. If this is the end of the series it only makes sense that he would aim for the king. I’m excited at the prospect of Yhwach facing off against the royal guard.


Kaguya’s Tears

Sasuke and Naruto are sent flying backwards, Sasuke is saved by his new ability giving to him by the sage. Kaguya appears behind them, she begins to cry paralyzing Naruto and Sasuke. She begins to absorbs their chakra, then black zetsu covers half their faces.

05Black Zetsu explains that she is reminded of her own children when she see them. He claims to be Kaguya’s son, he then proceeds to explain a rather long explanation of how he came to revive his “mother”. Annoyed by Zetsu and Kaguya’s motive’s Naruto breaks free and releases Sasuke. They aim to use a “sealing jutsu” to stop her.


I was disappointed in this chapter. As I’ve mentioned before with Madara, I personally find Black Zetsu’s plan to be way too long. It’s also too perfectly planned out. I’m still waiting for a beginning to end battle, without much talking. I think I’m just hoping for too much.




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