Weekly Shonen (06/11/14)

06The Headless Star 3

Candice counters Ichigo’s “Getsuga  Jujisho”, with her own thunder based attack. Meanwhile, Yhwach tells Haschwalth to release “the Key”. Candice loses her arm and calls for Giselle to heal her. As she attempts to reengage in battle as she does so Bazz-B shoots her and the other three sternritter.

14None of them are killed and Bazz-B is joined by three other sternritter’s. It seems clear that all eight sternritter’s intend on “defeating” Ichigo together. As Ichigo prepares for battle a beam of light appears behind him. Yhwach, tells Uryu and Haschwalth to “be one” with him.


At this point the battle between Candice and Ichigo was a bit of an afterthought. Not much seems to happen in this chapter, but interesting potential set up did. I wonder if the sternritter will fight together or one at a time? Regardless, Ichigo clearly is going to defeat them all. The big question what happened to Omaeda, Hirako, Momo and Sui Feng.


3Once Again

Falling toward a river full of lava, Sasuke summons his Hawk. Kakashi saves Sakura, Obito but Naruto challenges Sasuke treatment of his comrades. Sasuke notes that he and Naruto are the worlds final hope, and if they die it’s all over. Kaguya becomes enraged by their survival, and attacks with her Byakugan.

021She manages to hit the hawk with an attack on the pressure points. The heat from the lava burns through the scroll causing Kakashi and Sakura to fall. Naruto saves all of them with his new ability to fly and his chakra arms. Kaguya gets even more pissed an attacks full force.

14-15Meanwhile, Madara’s chakra balls and his chakra blades disappear releasing the Hokage. They all head towards the battle between Kaguya, Naruto and Sasuke. Kaguya and Naruto trade attacks with chakra arms, Naruto manages to create an opening for Sasuke to attack with Susanoo.


I was hoping for more fighting, but we get yet another commentary on the differences between Naruto and Sasuke in regards to their comrades. I hoping Sakura and Kakashi are more helpful than they currently are. As for the Hokage’s they will probably be some sort of aid, but I wonder how much. That said I found it to be interesting how Kaguya uses the Byakugan, I’m hoping Kishimoto expands on it.



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