Weekly Shonen (06/04/14)

One Piece is on hiatus for this week and the next.


The Headless Star 2

Ichigo is attacked by all four of the Sternritter’s simultaneously. The four are easily tossed aside as their attacks result in a large explosion and nothing else. Candice activates her Quincy: Vollstandig, the others don’t seem too eager to join her. Assuming she’d gain some standing with Yhwach by defeating Ichigo by herself, she attacks. Using two reishi swords, she clashes with Ichigo. Ichigo comments on Candice being a “dual wielder”, like himself and she respond’s “I am sextuplet wielder”. She then uses “Galvano Javelin”, Ichigo counters with “Getsuga Tensho”. She is surprised that he was able to quickly deflect her attack. She respond with “Electrocution”, Ichigo crosses his swords and uses “Getsuga Jujisho”.

08 (1)


This chapter was a simple straight forward fight between Ichigo and (mainly) Candice. I’ve already recapped the chapter so I wont do it here. It’s in the early stages of the fight though I don’t think Candice will survive very long. I’m going to anticipate that each of the four will fight Ichigo in their Vollstandig forms, and lose. A pretty straight forward, with the reveal of how Ichigo fights with his new swords and his newest technique.

16-17 (1)

She of the Beginning


Madara screams out in pain, as his shadows disappear. Madara begins releasing massive amounts of chakra absorbed from those who are trapped in the infinite tsukuyomi. Sasuke decides that Madara must be stopped before he “goes anywhere”. However, Naruto and Sasuke are captured by Black Zetsu. He intends to absorb their chakra, Sakura attempts to intervene but Kakashi stops her. Naruto fears the death of the other shinobi and Black Zetsu claims that Kaguya will keep them alive as soldiers.


Black Zetsu plans on turning them into “White Zetsu’s”. Madara begins to transform, he becomes “Ootsutsuki Kaguya”. She quickly notices Sasuke’s moon crest and Naruto’s sun crest. She becomes enraged a hurls them away. She activated her “Byakgan”, Sasuke notices her chakra levels are greater than Madara. When Kakashi asks “her objective”, she responds to end this battle and not do any more harm to earth. Kaguya begins her attack by releasing what appears to be a sea of lava.

16-17 (2)


Not much happened in this chapter EXCEPT the transformation of Madara into Kaguya. I expect that the next few chapter’s might explain how she came to communicate with Black Zetsu. I’m also curious as to how they will fight her or whether she will be defeated with “Talk no Jutsu”. However, it seems like she’s out for blood. Sasuke and Naruto appear to be out of their league, but when can’t forget that all four of the former Hokage are still “alive”. I’m think with their help maybe they might be able to do something, maybe.



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