Weekly Shonen (05/28/14)

March Forward ! Arm of Rascals.

Pika’s arm is destroyed by Chinjao and Elizabello, much to the surprise of the citizens. Soldier’s attempt to stop the new formed army as they head toward the palace. Ideo uses “Destruction Cannon”, Orlumbus uses his “Admiral’s Hug” and Cavendish uses Swan Lake.

one-piece-4977805Pika uses his arm again causing panic. However, Luffy rides up his body he uses his “Grizzly Magnum” destroying Pika’s head. It’s revealed that Pika is actually controlling the “Colossus” from afar. He shows up and pulls out a massive sword, but Zoro intercepts it himself.

one-piece-4977807As Zoro decides to take on Pika, while Luffy goes after Doflamingo. As they travel toward Doflamingo Law finally opens up to Luffy. He tells him that “Doflamingo took away the most important person to him 13 years ago”. His name was “Corazon”, Doflamingo’s real brother.


This chapter only two major things really occurred. First was the destruction of Pika’s Colossus (and the set up Zoro vs Pika). Then Law finally reveals why he hates Doflamingo so much. The translation says that Doflamingo “took away” Corazon, I’m assuming he means killed. Overall, a interesting reveal and set up chapter.


The Headless Star

Kenpachi and Ichigo have a brief conversation about Ichigo coming to the aid of Kenpachi. As Kenpachi tells him to “worry about himself” as Candice attacks. He grabs her by the arm and throws her into a building. He does the same thing to the other Sternritters.

bleach-4977753They acknowledge Ichigo as the “first in the special war potential lists”. Candice becomes enraged decrying that Ichigo has ruin her appearance. She uses “Galvano Blast”, it manages to do nothing. He unsheathes his sword as the four sternritter use their bows.Yhwach notices Ichigo’s arrival and tells Haschwalt and Uryuu that “we’re going to start”.



It’s not surprising that Ichigo was handling the sternritter with ease. That said they fight should at least been shown, but I don’t think it would be anything but one sided. The real question was whats Yhwach’s plan? And what’s with sternritter “D”? Is he going to be a surprising twist? Anyway, this was mostly a set up for Ichigo showing off against the sternritter and Yhwach’s plan.


We Will

Sasuke shuts down Kakashi and Sakura as the try to help (to be honest I can’t blame him). Sasuke explains that Madara’s Genjutsu has started and that team 7 maybe the only one’s safe. We get glimpses into the dreams of many of the leaf shinobi.  Their dreams are lovely but predictable. Sasuke concludes that they can’t go out until the moonlight fades.

naruto-4977719He also explains that the genjutsu can be canceled by another Rinnegan. Madara arrives before they could get into fight with black zetsu. He declares himself the “savior of the world”. Black Zetsu betrays Madara by piercing him through the chest. He clams that his will is “Kaguya”, as Madara begins to change.


Zetsu, the betrayer, I’ll admit I didn’t see that coming. I have no idea what will become of Madara or Zetsu but we’ll see right. I glossed over the dreams of the shinobi but I though Gaara’s to be the most touching and Tsunade including Oorochimaru in her dream. It’s not that surprising but Sasuke is still an ASS, even if I agreed with what he said.



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