Bayonetta : Movie

Bloody Fate

Directed by: Fuminori Kizaki (Afro Samurai, Basilisk, Super Street Fighter 4, X-Men)

Written by: Mitsutaka Hirota ( Prince of Tennis 2, Tetsujin 28-go Gao!, X-Men)

Studio: Gonzo ( Hellsing,Rosario + Vampire, and Trinity Blood)

Released: November 23, 2013




Here are a list of the changes from the video game to the movie adaptation:

As the film is an adaptation of the first game rather than a direct translation, there are some slight visual differences in Bloody Fate. For example, Bayonetta’s earrings now have a crescent moon shape and her overall outfit features some minor differences, Balder now wears gloves on both hands, instead of only wearing one on his left hand and also has red highlights on his clothing.

The story also has various plot points and locations changed/added as part of the adaptation:

  • The movie contains an opening similar to the Records Of Time section from the game, explaining the events up until the present day in the form of narration and images in a stained glass window fashion. In one of the windows, demons resembling alternate versions of Affinity shows up next to Malphas. These demons did not make an appearance in the game.
  • The Vestibule occurs inside a church instead of at a graveyard where Bayonetta actually leads a double life as a nun. Luka follows a clue and tries to obtain photographs of Bayonetta’s fight and ensuing destruction. She later breaks his camera and destroys his car by landing on it, a reference to Enzo’s car in the game.
  • Scarborough Fair are not Bayonetta’s initial weapons. She first wields “Elfin Knight”, a set of four guns which use the design of Scarborough Fair’s fifth concept design. These weapons are later destroyed in a battle with Jeanne and Bayonetta receives Scarborough Fair later.
  • In the first scene at the Gates of Hell, Rodin states her name is Bayonetta, but Enzo quickly reminds him, that is the name given to her by Rodin.
  • Antonio’s death is shown in gruesome detail compared to the game’s portrayal of having the camera pan away. Antonio’s face is also shown when Luka is searching through his recovered pictures from his broken camera. He bears a strong similarity to Luka’s later redesign in Bayonetta 2.
  • There are extra scenes where Balder talks about his plans with Jeanne on the Isla Del Sol. In these scenes, Jubileus is shown sleeping in a fetal position in the heavens instead of being formed from a statue.
  • The angels are all shown capable of human language speaking instead of pure Enochian. They also have a certain amount of martyrdom, claiming that they intend to be the foundations for Jubileus’ awakening, even if it results in their deaths.
  • Iustitia and Sapientia never make an appearance and Fortitudo is not fought, appearing only as a ‘leader’ of the angels. Multiple Temperantias rather than just one are also shown (several appeared with Balder during the Witch Hunts).
  • Bayonetta uses multiple weapons on her enemies rather than just Scarborough Fair (unlike the game’s cutscenes). She ends up using Shuraba, an Onyx Rose and the Lt. Col. Kilgores.Bayonetta and Jeanne’s first battle happens during Bayonetta’s train journey into Vigrid. Jeanne lures the witch out of the train into some old ruins where she is able to best Bayonetta in combat by destroying her weapons before leaving.
    • All of which can be seen in the Gates of Hell after Bayonetta loses ‘Elfin Knight’ along with others from the game such as Sai Fung and Kulshedra.
  • Balder uses his powers frequently to send Bayonetta to new places, such as to the Valley of the Witch & Sage where he has left Cereza. Their meeting plays out in much the same way as the game.
  • After saving the girl, Bayonetta shares a bath with Cereza where she is staying in Vigrid. Luka attempts to sneak in to plant a bug whilst Bayonetta bonds with the child, but is quickly caught. He later talks with Bayonetta about his reasons for pursuing her, but is quickly left with Cereza the next day after she heads off on her own to find answers.
  • Luka ends up following Bayonetta with his own car rather than taking a vehicle from the guards on the bridge.
    • He also seems to be following her on the Highway rather than the other way around.
  • On Route 666, Bayonetta destroys an Irenic on her motorbike whilst in an underground tunnel and later arrives at the airport where she makes short work of Temperantia. Luka and Cereza catch up to her and Luka uses Cereza’s glasses to see the angels for the first time. The three then reconvene on a helicopter and fly to Isla Del Sol.The transport plane never appeared, instead the helicopter was their sole method of transport.
    • Instead of multiple enemies, Route 666 had only 1 Irenic. Braves never made an appearance.
  • The final battle with Jeanne takes place in both the human world and in Paradiso. The witches are transported there midway through fighting and Rodin gives Bayonetta Scarborough Fair. Using her new weapons and reawakening the memories of her past, she is able to win. Jeanne reveals the truth about their past and implores her to stop Balder before his magic causes the explosion that presumably kills her.
  • When Bayonetta, Luka and Cereza arrive at Balder’s office, Balder sends Cereza home through the time rift in his window. Bayonetta, having deducted that it was her younger self, is able to save Luka from the angels after he learns the truth about his father’s death, but is unable to save him from falling. He later saves himself with his grappling hook. Bayonetta threatens to shoot Balder, but the powers of the Left Eye awaken in her before she can pull the trigger. It is revealed that killing the angels and mastering her abilities was enough to reawaken the Left Eye within, as well as her memories. As Jubileus awakens, multiple angels and Fortitudo himself commit their life force to the deity and are absorbed to give her strength.
  • Jeanne comes to Bayonetta’s rescue in her Umbran suit like in the game, but does not save Bayonetta directly. She shoots Jubileus’ eye open and urges Bayonetta to remember what her mother, Rosa, said to her before she died. It is revealed that Balder personally watched over the destruction of the Umbra Witches and Rosa pleaded with Bayonetta in her last moment to fulfill one request: to ‘save’ her father from the madness that had gripped his soul from being exiled from his clan. Using the lipstick as a reminder, Bayonetta uses her own power to break free from Jubileus’ eye, scorching the left half of the goddess’ body.
  • Balder remains alive after being accepted as the Right Eye and directly controls Jubileus’ actions through his power. He heals the deity back to full strength and clashes with both Bayonetta and Jeanne. The witches summon Queen Sheba together and control her in a similar manner, culminating in a godly clash that sends them fighting and flying across the solar system. Bayonetta uses her magic to perform a Torture Attack on Jubileus, providing Sheba with a whip to bind her to the wooden horse used on the Joys in game. As Jeanne uses her powers to give Sheba a gigantic infernal gun, Bayonetta loads her weapon and fires the lipstick towards her father. As the bullet kills him, Jeanne gives the command and Sheba fires a gigantic explosion that disintegrates Jubileus into dust.
    • Due to Jubileus not being a former statue, the pair of witches never had to break apart the pieces as it fell to Earth.
  • After the events of the film, a year passes after Bayonetta has disappeared. Rodin and Enzo ponder her whereabouts, Luka is able to publish a book on the Sages and Witches and laments on where she is by his father’s graveside. Elsewhere, Bayonetta and Jeanne talk about going back to their other lives as a nun and a school teacher before a flock of angels appear on the horizon. The two witches team up to have one last fight before they go their separate ways.
    • Luka and Bayonetta do not seem to meet up after their last encounter.
  • Enzo’s information came from a news report from the Gates of Hell’s television regarding Balder directly instead of a report of a stone on the marketplace.Balder was almost immediately pegged as a key player rather than discovering bits and pieces of information Bayonetta outright learns of his influence.
    • In fact the Eyes of the World were never mentioned as possibly being a stone at all.
  • The Ithavoll Group also never seemed to be mentioned. In its place is Ragna.
  • Enzo is officially recognized as an Undertaker (unlike the game hinting at his possibility of being one as well as an informant).
  • Rosa played a much more important role to further the plot.
  • The only ‘boss’ that was truly fought, with the exception of Balder/Jubileus, was Beloved. Bayonetta never fought any of the Audito directly. Exception being Temperantia and he was almost instantly killed by a Demon rather than an all out fight..
  • Most of the Angels never made an appearance. Fortitudo, Temperantia, Affinity, Ardor, Beloved, Irenic and Inspired are the only ones to have appeared.

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The quality of this anime’s animation is impressive. To be honest its the most impressive aspect of this movie. The creator of X-Men and Afro Samurai (Gonzo) maintains their constant visual mastery. The story is rather unimpressive in comparison.


I found myself not really being that interested in what was happening outside the action sequences. That can’t be a good thing. However, the Video game was very similar in this regard. Considering the source maybe I should have expected this. Overall, the anime does what it sets out to do (accurately depict the events of the video game in animated for), I really shouldn’t have expected more.



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