Weekly Shonen (05/21/14)

Infinite Tsukuyomi

As the “Infinite Tsukuyomi” activates, Guruguru disengages from battle. All the ninja’s left fighting realize that something has changed  on the battle field. Shikamaru notices that Naruto’s chakra has vanished and the Life tree has disappeared.


As the obligatory acknowledgement the everyone can see the moon and meteors, Naruto attempts to destroy all the meteorites with multiple rasenshurinken. Ten-ten shows up with the Ninja tools sealed in a scroll. She believe’s she can use them but needs a cloud ninja to teach her.


Madara with a face of pure evil announces that ” we’ll finally become one”. As Madara says this a bright light flashes on the shinobi and the animals alike tripping them his genjutsu. He then uses “Shin Jukai Koutan” (God – Birth of the see of trees), connecting all the shinobi to the tree.


Sasuke’s Susanoo manages to protect himself, Naruto, Sakura and Kakashi from the harmful light. None of the former Hokage seem to be affected and Yamato was released by Guruguru.



There wasn’t much to this chapter, therefore I don’t have much to say. I find the fact that all the non essential shinobi were engulfed in the genjutsu to be clever considering they were mostly useless anyway.

Ten-ten’s brief moment seemed to be a complete waste considering the fact that she was trapped by the jutsu as well (unless I missed something). Once again Sasuke’s clever thinking save them, though their next move is almost impossible to predict. I’m thinking Yamato will be an important part of the story, maybe he can help Hashirama somehow? Finally, we got some confirmation that Bee is still alive.


My Repayment

Luffy continues to laugh at Pica’s “high pitched voice”, causing fear in the other pirates. Pica becomes enraged and launches a massive punch toward Luffy (and the entire town). Everyone flees in fear, Pica misses. Luffy, Zoro and Law are greeted by Cavendish who announces that he no longer hates the Straw Hat Crew, due to “God Usopp’s”, “bravery”.


Cavendish returns Law’s hat and tells them that he will defeat Doflamingo by himself. When Luffy states that he will do it, Cavendish accuses him of trying to simply get more famous. Don Chinjao and his grandson’s a long with many of the other warriors from the Colosseum aim to repay their debts to Usopp, by defeating Doflamingo.


Meanwhile, at the Toy House the soldiers are looking for signs of Luffy after Pica’s attack. Luffy and the other rampage them, Pica attempts to stop them but Chinjao uses his “drill head” and Elizabello II uses his “King Punch” destroying Pica’s arm.



I liked this chapter. A lot of the humor that One Piece fans have returned in this chapter. From his silly reason for defeating Doflamingo (surprise, surprise it’s food related), to his insistence that he and Law are now friends (though Law objects).

It appears that Doflamingo’s Crew are going to have to fight of the Colosseum fighters, because even Doflamingo can’t handle them all. One thing is for certain “God” Usopp is going to have a massive bounty after this arc.


The Hero 2

Omaeda is standing between several Soldat soldiers and Sui Feng, when Hirako Shinji appears with Momo Hinamori. She blasts the Soldat’s and Shinji remarks that “he will help out”. Momo tends to Sui Feng’s wounds, Shinji comments on Omaeda and Sui Feng’s condition.


He suggest that while they’re weakened they should help Kenpachi, because if he die’s the tide of the war may turn in the enemies favor. Just as Shinji finishes speaking Bazz-B finally resurfaces claiming that he’s going to prevent them from helping Kenpachi. He quickly activates his “Burner Finger 3”.


Rukia senses Kenpachi’s Reiatsu and rushes to aid him, Byakuya tells her to remain patient. She stops cold sensing another Reiatsu, it’s Ichigo. The entire battle field senses Ichigo’s arrival and he quickly appears near Kenpachi stating ” he here to save him”.



The beginning of this chapter was interesting, I’m glad Shinji is still alive. Had he died it would have been pathetic. Like Omaeda and Momo (though she’s more useful than Omaeda apparently). Anyway, the return of Bazz-B was uneventful. His techniques are in my opinion completely uninspired.

The arrival of Ichigo was a little surprising but welcome none the less. With his appearance it’s clear to me that the four female sternritters are going to basically be fodder to show off Ichigo’s power increase. I’ll admit I’m looking forward to the slaughter.


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