Weekly Shonen (05/15/14)

Highest Executive Peeka

Many of the former toys return to normal and begin to escape the Colosseum. The Marines attempt to claim down the crowds, Vice Admiral Maynard determines that Doflamingo should be arrested. He tries to make a case to Admiral Fujitora who declines to arrest him.


The “Donquixote Family” determines their future course of action. Doflamingo reassures them that the Marines won’t attack them, however he must get rid of Admiral Fujitora. Pica step up claiming that he alone would be enough to win. Doflamingo decides to wait a see who the civilians choose, The Riku family or The Donquixote Family.


As Doflamingo is talking one of his subordinates begins to laugh. Peeka becomes enraged, Baby 5 shoots him off the Palace roof preventing Peeka from losing control. Doflamingo reveals that he lost his mother when he was 8 and killed his father when he was 10. He states that the “Executives” are his family and he won’t tolerate anyone laughing at them.


Meanwhile, Franky continues his assault on the smile factory. Luffy, Zoro and Law land on the streets, they are quickly surrounded by civilians and the rest of Doflamingo’s family. Senor Pink, Dillinger, and Machvise attack Luffy, Zoro and Law. The Marines and the civilians open fire on them, but their guns are useless. Admiral Fujitora arrives to confront Zoro and Luffy.


At the Colosseum Robin and Usopp group attempts to evade the former toys. Bartolomeo and Hack serve as guards, they notice that Sabo and Koala have disappear. The island shifts as Peeka beings to assault of Luffy and the others. Luffy begins to laugh at his high voice “stating that it doesn’t suit him”, angering Peeka.

one-piece-4953713 (1)


This chapter was a little disappointing, but I think a good fight is due. I’m ready for a full fight now, we had a lot of starts but no finishes. I wonder how powerful Peeka actually is, maybe we’ll find out. Where’s Sabo, and how will Luffy and Zoro handle Fujitora. Other than that not much happened.



The Light

Candice Catnipp uses her “The Thunderbolt” on the 11th division, she attempts to do it again. Kenpachi attacks her from behind, she appears behind him striking him with Thunder. Sternritter G Liltotto uses her “Gluttony” ability to eat many of the Shinigami.


Kenpachi stands again telling Liltotto to stop, Candice uses her thunder once more and Meninas drops a building on the rest of the 11th division. Giselle tells the Shinigami that there’s no use in killing her. One slashes her, but she seems unfazed. No that they are all covered “in her blood”, using the powers “The Zombie”.

bleach-4953725 (1)

She can now force them to do what every she wants. Her first (and last) command is for each Shinigami to commit suicide. Kenpachi can’t move and he wonders “if this is the end”. The four ladies wonder which one got to kill Kenpachi, before a blast in the sky appears.



I found the abilities of the four female sternritters where impressive. Liltotto ability was a little grotesque but interesting. On the onset Giselle’s ability seems overpowered but there probably a limitation that will be clarified. Despite the fact that Kenpachi is often unstoppable I’m not surprised that he was incapacitated.

I think its safe to say that the 11th division was used a fodder to show off the sternritters powers. I can’t think who could come to the aid of Kenpachi but I’m thinking its between Yachiru or Ikkaku, Shuhei and Yumichika considering the fact that they were unable to put up a fight against Mask.


The Infinite Dream

Madara returns from the other dimension with his rinnegan, Naruto calls to Obito who has been taken over by Black Zetsu. Sakura attempts to create a diversion by attacking Madara head on. She activates her “Strength of a Hundred Technique“, her attack is stopped by an invisible force.


Sasuke and Naruto save her, revealing that Madara now has four shadows this time. Madara leaps into the air using multiple “Chibaku Tensei”, he creates massive rocks and drops them. Naruto uses “Kage bunshin” and fights Madara’s four shadows. Naruto uses “Bijuudama Rasenshuriken” and Sasuke uses Susanoo to destroy the rocks. Madara’s plan begins as he reveals his third eye, and activating Infinite Tsukuyomi“.




I’m not sure what to think of this chapter, I enjoyed it but something seems off. First I don’t understand why Kishimoto seems to constantly want to show Sakura in a bad light. I mean the fact that she and Tsunade are the only besides Hashirama to be able to heal themselves using “Strength of a Hundred” is impressive, but she literally accomplishes nothing. Why bother having her do anything, leave her behind to witness Sasuke and Naruto’s strength like Kakashi. What purpose does it serve to have her constantly fall short.


She supposedly had better chakra control than Naruto and Sasuke, not to mention she’s suppose to be the third in the next generation of the “legendary three”. Maybe she’ll do something worthwhile before the series ends but I doubt it.The fight between Naruto, Sasuke and Madara appears to be over too soon. Madara’s use of “Chibaku Tensei”, while effective in his plan was the only attack he needed. For some reason I’m starting to fear a “Talk no Jutsu” moment, how else is he going to save everyone.





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