The Boondocks – Episode 2 & 3

Good Times

Granddad announces that they are moving because they’re broke. Their in-debt by a few MILLION (didn’t know granddad was paid like that). As a consequence of his new found poverty they Freemans much ration their food. Uncle Ruckus arrives, and Huey explains that he ran for President but now he’s running for Mayor.


Eddie Wuncler (son of Ed Wuncler) arrives to recover some “assets”. Granddad owes Eddie $52,000.47 due in a month. He returns looking for his money and suggest renting out some of the rooms while the Freeman live in the garage. Granddad manages to avoid having “a Nigga moment” trying to use the bathroom.


Granddad gets a job at a car wash, as Ruckus taunts him then fires him. Ruckus goes on “Fox News” and continues his anti-black tour. Meanwhile, Granddad receives a series of credit cards but neglects to read “the fine print“. Eddie offers Granddad a contract without looking at it he signs it. Unfortunately, the loan has a 150% interest rate further forcing the Freemans into debt.


The Freemans decided to finally move, Eddie arrives and along with Ruckus “buys” the Freemans. Ruckus aims to bring slavery “back to America”.



This episode was a little slow and like the last one was a little off. Like most Boondocks episodes the true message isn’t necessarily obvious but valuable. I would generalize it as “getting into debt is similar to slavery” or “always read the fine print“.

I didn’t find the episode funny at all and the story did feel like it went anywhere. My hope that the decline in quality of the series wasn’t likely seems to be untrue. However, I’ll keep watching and at least see this great series to the end.


Breaking Granddad

This episode is a parody of the show “Breaking Bad“, and a commentary on black people obsession with “good” hair. Huey creates a “beauty product” accidentally while trying to make a bomb to kill Eddie Wuncler . For some reason Granddad decides to put this stuff in his hair and awakens to longer more glorious hair.



Granddad decides to sell this stuff on the market to make much needed money. He finds a supplier in a woman named Wilona. She think it’s an”art” that results in hair better than “white bitches”. Huey (being the voice of reason) tells Wilona that the substance is explosive. Wilona laughs claiming that women generally don’t care whether a product is dangerous.


Like Granddad she concludes that a “warning” label would be enough. They named the product “Bomb” and it’s a hit. Huey refuses to participate and its finally discovered by the media that “Bomb” is explosive. Wilona calls Granddad and asks for more gel. Huey refuses to make more, but Riley and Granddad decided to try without it.


Huey changes his mine (rather quickly might I add) and they decided to cook up the gel in a RV. Wilona arrives and decides to take formula Huey and Granddad mix up the wrong formula creating an explosion. They knock out Wilona and manage to escape. Granddad loses his shit and Wilona blows herself up trying to hot wire the RV.



I enjoyed this episode more than the previous two so that’s a good start. I’m over hearing how broke Granddad is. At this point I think we get it there’s no need to keep reminding us. I would also like to see Huey and Riley take center stage more. I did think the commentary was spot on.

Beauty products are often hazardous and flammable but as long as there’s a warning label its all legal to sell. Furthermore, the fact that Granddad refuses to cut the internet, cable and stop dating to save money to be a common sacrifice many people would want to make.



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