Weekly Shonen (04/23/14)


As the former toys aim to attack the smile factory, executives Trebol and Diamante are protecting it. Robin and Usopp meet with Sabo, Koala and Hack. Doflamingo appears behind Curos and aims to show him how decapitation really works. Luffy manages to save Curos, and attacks Doflamingo with “Jet Gatling”. Doflamingo uses “Busoshoku Haki” to protect himself.


Doflamingo uses his puppets string ability to cut Luffy and lands a haki punch to Luffy’s face. Doflamingo orders Pica to throw Luffy and the others out at the bottom of the outer wall. Doflamingo activates “Birdcage” which is designed to trap and kill the inhabitants of Dressrosa.


The cage is inescapable and is blocking communication to the outside. Doflamingo uses his “Parasite” ability to control some of citizens. Pica uses his ability to raise the Smile Factory, and the Palace. Doflamingo then challenges his enemies to try and kill him.



  1. Luffy vs Doflamingo potential fight preview
  2. Birdcage twist


This chapter was average. I felt that I wanted the fight between Luffy and Doflamingo to be much longer. The “Birdcage” seems like a good a game changer. I’m intrigued to see what happens next and whether the Marines will fight along side the pirates now that Doflamingo has trapped them all. 

Sasuke’s Rinnegan

Madara attacks with “Senpou – Inton Raiha”, Naruto counters it while Sasuke evades it. Naruto attacks Madara who counters with “Limbo”. Madara realizes that Sasuke and Naruto can “perceive” his Limbo. It turns out that their “Limbo” is another Madara.


The physical attacks of Naruto and Sasuke are failing again the second Madara. Madara is shocked that they can see the second Madara. He attacks Sasuke planning to steal his eye. Sasuke uses his left eye and Madara is impaled by his sword. Sasuke deduces the nature of Madara’s “Limbo” technique.


He then “orders” Naruto to attack the second Madara. He explains that Madara and his “shadow will overlap” and that Naruto should use a “technique to block” him. Madara releases how capable Sasuke is and is impressed by his ability. Shukaku offers his chakra and places a sealing jutsu in it.


Naruto uses “Senpou – Jinton Rasengan” , and Sasuke uses “Chidori”. However, Madara uses his “Shadow” in his place and rips out Kakashi’s sharingan, replacing his lost eye. Meanwhile, Obito asks Sakura to crush his rinnegan. She hesitates as Sasuke cuts Madara in half. Madara shifts other dimension and attacks it’s unclear who he attacks though.



  1. Naruto and Sasuke fighting together
  2. Sasuke’s Rinnegan 
  3. Sasuke’s strategy
  4. Kakashi losing his eye
  5. Madara’s attack on Sakura and/or Obito (cliffhanger). 


This was the Naruto series at it’s best. Action and strategy with surprises in the story ending with a cliffhanger. Sasuke’s strategic ability is not surprising but still impressive and the fact that “Limbo” was a second Madara was surprising as well. The most surprising aspect of this episode was clearly Kakashi’s stolen Sharingan. This set up what could be an interesting situation.

Who did he attack with his black chakra ball? Will Sakura be useful? Will Madara replace Kakashi’s eye with the rinnegan Obito has? Personally, I think it was Madara’s intention to simply use Kakashi’s Sharingan to get to Obito in the other dimension. If I had to guess I would suggest that Madara gets his rinnegan back destroys Kakashi’s Sharingan, Obito with Sakura returns to give Kakashi his other eye which Sakura will transplant. Whatever happens I can’t wait!

The Undead 5 

Kenpachi’s sword unsurprising destroys the meteor without much work. Gremmy screams out “MONSTER”, Kenpachi stats that theirs nothing that his sword can’t cut through. Gremmy creates numerous clones, attempting to kill Kenpachi with “something that has no shape”.


He traps Kenpachi in space, his body fluids begins to evaporate and his blood starts to boil. Kenpachi isn’t phased and cuts Gremmy in two, however Gremmy responds by exploding. Kenpachi is burned but not terribly injured, Gremmy loses it while aiming to make himself as powerful as Kenpachi. While gaining muscle mass Gremmy cant handle and surprisingly kills himself, while Kenpachi calls him an “idiot”.



  1. Kenpachi being bad ass


  1. Unsatisfying fight


Not much happened in this chapter, and if I’m being honest the entire fight. I’ve been completely unsatisfied by this. The ending of this fight while anticlimactic was a perfect illustration of the difference in power between Kenpachi and Gremmy. Gremmy couldn’t even successfully imagine himself stronger than Kenpachi. Overall, I never felt Kenpachi was going to lose, but I did expect him to kill Gremmy. I’m glad it over though. 





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