The Boondocks is an animated sitcom on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. It was created by Aaron McGruder based on his comic strip. The show is about a black family, the Freemans. McGruder infuses his view on society, race and stereotypes using satire and humor.The Boondocks series is highly controversial due to the excessive use of the “N word”.

The show has been criticized for the depiction of  Martin Luther King Jr. using the word “Nigga”. The episode in question won a “Peabody Award“. During the second season two episode’s (“The Uncle Ruckus Reality Show” and “The Hunger Strike“) were actual banned under threat of legal action from BET’s parent company Viacom. They have sense been released. Time magazine named The Boondocks in 2010 the sixth “most controversial cartoons of all time“.


 Pretty Boy Flizzy (Season 4 Episode 1)

Personally, I found this episode to be a bit underwhelming. I’m not sure whether the episode itself was the problem or the traditionally long wait between season 3 and season 4. This episode centers on the R&B star “Pretty Boy Flizzy”, a spoof on Chris Brown and his many brushes with the law.


This episode’s jokes were highly predictable, but most Chris Brown jokes are. This episode was also a commentary on the general observation that some women appear to prefer abusive “bad boy” types over kind “nice guy” types. Pretty Boy Flizzy and Tom Dubois are used as perfect archetypes respectively.


Flizzy the spoof of the aforementioned Chris Brown is under investigation for robbery. Tom Dubois the generally uptight lawyer is asked by Flizzy to defend him. Flizzy claims that he was “too fucked up” to remember whether he was guilty or not. Dubois is hesitant at excepting Flizzy’s case, he decides to do so only after Flizzy says he’s going to help him save his marriage.


Many of the women in this episode, especially Tom’s wife “Sarah” excuse Flizzy’s behavior because he’s hot,talented and “not boring”. Tom later discovers that Flizzy faked the robbery for publicity to stay “relevant”. Flizzy instigates a “fight” with Tom resulting in him getting the respect of his wife.



  1. The Boondocks have returned
  2. The animation is always top notch
  3. While predicable many of the jokes still land


  1. Rather predictable
  2. Not enough Freemans
  3. Not enough Uncle Ruckus


Overall, this episode was somewhere in the middle in terms of quality of the Boondocks series. I’m unsure that the predictability is a result of the absence of the original creator Aaron McGruder or the fact that the story of “Chris Brown” is common knowledge.

Also the commentary on the values of the “Bad Boy” over the “Nice Guy” is also cliche at this point. Basically, compared to the usually commentary on celebrity that the Boondocks has displayed in previous episodes featuring R.Kelly and general rap culture this episode seems flat. Maybe this is a consequence of McGruder’s departure only time will tell.



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