Weekly Shonen (04/16/14)

We Will . . . !

Madara is uncertain how Naruto has stopped Gai from dying, but Naruto quickly attacks. Madara hasn’t recovered from the fight with Gai, Naruto asks Son to “lend him his chakra”. Naruto uses his “Senpou – Youton Rasenshuriken“, Madara dodges and counters with “Limbo“.

naruto-4906985Naruto however seems to have dodged “Limbo” and Rasenshuriken directly hits Madara. The damage from Naruto’s Rasenshuriken cuts the holy tree in half. The tree asks Madara to absorb it and he does. Sasuke frees the Second Hokage, who uses the Fourths seal to transport Sasuke to the battlefield.

naruto-4906975Madara claims that he can’t be defeated, but Naruto says he won’t win on his own. Sasuke arrives as Naruto states that he and Sasuke will win together. Madara mocks the fact Naruto only has the “Senjutsu of the Six Sage” and Sasuke only has the “Rinnegan”, due to the fact that he has both. He shouts that this “Will be the last battle”.



This chapter seemed short, but a lot happened. First the ability for Naruto to use different chakra’s from the Bijuu’s is interesting. The fact that he cut the “Holy Tree” in half was surprising. It was predictable that Madara was going to restore himself but how he did it was surprising. Sasuke and Naruto fighting Madara together makes perfect sense, I’m excited to see how the manage.

I also wonder whether anyone else will join though i doubt it. As for Gai not dying, even though he’s not a major character his death would have to warranted a large reaction that probably couldn’t have been done well considering the fact that they are battle Madara at the moment. How do you accept that Gai has die, then go right into the final fight. Then again maybe I’m being shortsighted?



The Sternritters and Shinigami are shocked that Gremmy would use a meteorite. Many Shinigami are certain that the “Shakonmaku” will destroy the meteorite. However, the meteorite passes the shakonmaku. They all panic as Gremmy states that even if Kenpachi kills him the meteor will continue.

bleach-4907051Kenpachi is unsurprising excited at this so call impossible situation. Kenpachi jumps to meet the meteor and releases his Shikai with the command “Swallow” Nozarashi. He destroys the meteorite effortlessly, revealing what is hands down the coolest looking Zanpakuto.


At this point its redundant to say that this chapter seemed short, but the Gremmy/ Kenpachi fight has clearly been swift. Kenpachi’s fights are usually fast pace and this fight is no different. The most surprising aspect of this chapter was how amazing Kenpachi’s Shikai looks.




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