Weekly Shonen (04/09/14)

The General Office of the Revolutionary Army

Lucy destroy’s the ring and the audience panics out of fear of dying. “Lucy” quickly grabs the barrel featuring the “Mera Mera Fruit”, and claims victory. He is announced as the victor and proceeds to eat some of the Mera Mera fruit. He finds the taste to be disgusting as he saves Rebecca.


He uses ace’s technique ” Hiken”, meanwhile Robin stops Trevor for attacking the dwarves. Usopp is praised for being a hero by a Giant, to the cheers of the crowd. Finally after Rebecca asks who he is he reveals that he’s Sabo (surprise, surprise). He explains why the revolutionary army, to stop the proliferation of weapons.


Sabo is revealed to be the number 2 of the revolutionary army. Elsewhere, at the Palace Curos continues to dominated against Doflamingo’s pirates. Luffy is happy to see that Law is alive. He claims that their alliance is over and that he “will kill him” if he is released. Peeka arrives in time to stop Luffy, with Doflamingo now in the safe possession of Peeka he states that he’s going to use “Birdcage”.



A lot didn’t occur towards the end of this chapter but the official reveal of Sabo more than makes up for it. I was surprised that they quickly went from Sabo destroying the ring to eating the Mera Mera fruit. I’m hoping to see what he can do in a full fight. I don’t understand Laws attitude but Luffy will probably get him to see past it. Other than that it wasn’t surprising that Doflamingo was fine but I can’t wait to see what “Birdcage” is.


The Night Moth

Gai crouches down, Madara is quick to spot that due to his heart’s pressure point it was his final attack. As Gai activates his “Night Moth” technique we flashback to when he first meet Kakashi. It’s revealed that Gai actually failed the academy entrance exam. Even though Kakashi was insulting him Gai turns around and say’s “thanks for cheering”.


Kakashi father warns him not to let his guard down because ” at this rate that boy will become stronger than you”. Impressed with his chakra Madara “acknowledge” his strength, claiming to never have fought someone that was as good as Gai is with taijutsu. Gai charges forward apparently “distorting space”, and lands a devastating blow on Madara.


Gai crushes Madara’s ribs while simultaneously, breaking his leg. While they are both collapsed on the ground Madara admits that Gai “almost killed”him. Madara decides to kill him before he becomes ash, but Naruto kicks the “Gudoudama” back at Madara. He then places his hand around Naruto appearing to saving him with his new abilities.



At first I had resolved my self to the fact that Gai is going to die, but Naruto might actually prevent that. A lot of fans are probably going to be upset at the bait and switch. We were told very early in the series that anyone that uses the eight gates will die. However, he was actually going to die had Naruto not arrived.

Don’t get me wrong I know that predictability can be annoying but what would Gai dying actually accomplish. It’s very obvious that at his current form Madara wouldn’t beat a genin, which mean’s he’s probably going to heal himself or become even stronger. That will render Gai’s death completely pointless, as he would have accomplish nothing. I got what I wanted (to see the eight gates released) and it was epic and I’m satisfied with that.


The Killers High 2

Gremmy creates a barrier that Kenpachi easily cuts through, as he notes that Gremmy is “boring”. He cuts through Gremmy, unable to remove his sword Gremmy creates a massive hand and arm crushing Kenpachi. Kenpachi cuts the hand and arm in half, he also quickly cuts through Gremmy.


Gremmy notes that he realized he was hurt too late, and he can’t recover in time to heal himself. His counter attack is also “delayed” as a result. He explains it during this “delayed instant” that Kenpachi attacks again. He seem to understand why he can’t stop the sword of Kenpachi.



Kenpachi stops attacking and asks Gremmy if he was “imagining himself losing”, he heals himself and thanks Kenpachi. He claims to have “erase the image his own death”, and “he will never risk dying again”. He claims that Kenpachi will “regret this”, then Kenpachi response “I’ve never had regrets”.


Gremmy then duplicates himself, and Kenpachi attacks the clone which Gremmy says can’t die. His power of imagination is doubled in this state and he sends a meteorite down, claiming that Kenpachi “will vanish together with Seireitei”. Kenpachi unsurprisingly is unafraid and calls the name of his Zanpakuto “Nozarashi”.



Kenpachi’s fights generally don’t require much thought, this does seem to be another one of them. Gremmy barely lands any hits on Kenpachi, and he’s suppose to be the “strongest”. Kenpachi even stops fighting to “encourage” Gremmy to fight. I still can’t get the feeling that he will be in any danger, even a meteorite doesn’t give me a sense of danger. That said learning Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto’s name was satisfying.




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