Weekly Shonen (03/26/14)

I’ll Always be close to you

We begin this chapter revealing more of Curos exploits in the Colosseum, where he defeats a costumed King Riku. A year later Curos becomes Captain of King Riku’s army. He is meet with skepticism by Princess Scarlet, as she promises to “expose” him. When Princess Scarlet is kidnapped by pirates Curos saves her.


Scarlet falls in love with him, but King Riku believes that the majority of the society won’t accept it. So what does he come up with? He decides that faking his daughters death is the only logical answer. Together Scarlet and Curos have a daughter Rebecca.


When the Kingdom is attacked and taken over by Doflamingo, Curos tries to intervene. He is captured and chained to the floor with sea stone. Doflamingo offers him membership into his crew, but Curos refuses. He cuts off his own leg and attacks Doflamingo. He is then turned into a toy he is today by Sugar.


He returns to find Rebecca and Scarlet being attacked by Doflamingo’s crew. Scarlet dies and Violet snaps Thunder out of his memories. She warns that enemies are coming from the first floor and they may end up surrounded.


Meanwhile, at the Colosseum Burgess attacks “Lucy”, he dodges. Diamante continues to taunt Rebecca about the fact that he was the one who shot and killed her mother. Usopp and Franky badly defeated, Sugar feeds Usopp the “Tatababasco”. Usopp has a odd reaction to the Tatababasco, resulting in Sugar losing consciousness.



I’m indifferent to this chapter. The flashback while necessary was underwhelming. That said more happened in the flashback than in the Colosseum , why bother having it in this chapter if nothing happens. The ending was unexpected and silly which makes perfect sense considering Usopp’s involvement. Overall, even though Sugar is now unconsciousness the chapter feels like very little happened.



The Beginning

Naruto finally awakens to find he not a lone, a man called Hagoromo is with him. He explains to a dismissive Naruto that they are in his mind. Hagoromo says he’s “an anachronism”, he travels through time to meet “transmigrates”. Naruto tells him to “shut up”, then foolishly suggest that Hagoromo is an alien.


Naruto finally begins to comprehend Hagoromo’s speech and they continue their conversation. Hagoromo finally introduces himself as “Hagoromo founder of Ninshuu” and of course “The Hermit of the Six Paths”. He distinguishes his “Ninshuu” from “Ninjutsu”, claiming that his creation was about hope and ninjutsu is about wars.


Hagoromo say’s that Naruto reminded him of his son, Ashura. He tells Naruto the story of his mother, ” Kaguya Ootsutsuki”. His mother ate the fruit from the “Holy tree”, she ruled over the land. She gave birth to two children, together they battled and sealed the ten tails.


Hagoromo fathered two children of his own, Indra and Ashura. He taught them both Ninshuu but one had better chakra genes than the other. Indra was the “genius” unlike his brother Ashura he possessed superior battle skills. Indra massive power meant that he didn’t need anyone , but Ashura needed support and cooperation from others.


Hagoromo came to believe that “cooperation” was the “real power”. He choose his son Ashura as his successor much to the dismay of Indra. Indra instigated a war in response. Finally, Hagoromo claims that Naruto is actually the reincarnation of his son Ashura.



I predicted that this chapter would deviate from the battle between Gai and Madara. However, I’m not the least bit disappointed. A few chapters have passes since Naruto was rendered “dead”, but it’s nice to see him back. I think the story of Hagoromo and his children featured clear parallels between his children, Madara and Hashirama, Kakashi and Obito, and Naruto and Sasuke.

The fact that Indra was a loner like Madara and Naruto has friends and allies like Ashura seems to foreshadow what the difference will be between them. I don’t anticipate the next chapter returning to Madara and Gai, but I don’t think that necessary a bad thing.



Death in Vision

Kenpachi’s reiatsu is noticed by the other shinigami and they begin to rejoice. Kenpachi notes their loud cheering, as Gremmy remarks that they can “imagine” that they can win due to Kenpachi. He then heals himself, simply because he imagined that he was.


The other shinigami take notice of the fact that they had not sensed Kenpachi’s reiatsu prior to the appearance of the fortress. Gremmy states that he will kill Kenpachi without the “use of one finger”. He imagines lava and attacks Kenpachi with it.


Kenpachi notices that Yachiru is in danger and tells her to run away. Gremmy tell him that she cant move otherwise her cookie bones will crumble and she will died. Kenpachi seems to be unfamiliar with cookies, but attacks Gremmy head on. Gremmy traps Kenpachi in a cube of water, then he forces him into a fissure and closes it.


Kenpachi unsurprisingly isn’t phased by being trapped in the ground will being submerged in water. He destroys the ground and attacks Gremmy again with Yachiru under his arms. Kenpachi proclaims that Gremmy must focus his opponents, for his abilities to be active.



No matter what happens in this fight I can’t seem to get the feeling that Kenpachi is gong to lose. Usually, I would find this to be a problem but Kenpachi always has this effect. This often shows up in the series itself, this chapter was no difference.

I share the sentiment of the shinigami with, how much confidence that we have in Kenpachi success. I’m a little concerned about Yachiru, if Kenpachi fighting Gremmy while holding her prevents him from turning her bones into cookies she’ll be fine. However, if Kenpachi is incorrect then Yachiru could die.


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