Weekly Shonen (03/19/14)

Hachimon Tonkou no Jin

Gai begins his attack on Madara with Issoku, while being cheered on by a visible crying Rock Lee. He then uses Nisoku, but is clearly in pain while doing so. Rock Lee explains that Gai stop his technique prematurely. Madara laying at the bottom of a crater contemplates  the dangers of Gai’s taijutsu.


Minato decides to support Gai, and the rest agree. They decided to target Madara’s black weapon. Minato suggests that Kakashi use his Kamui to target the black orbs. Gaara uses his sand to carry Kakashi, Rock Lee surprisingly activates his Hachimon Tonkou Dairoku Keimon. His Hachimon is weaker than Gai’s as it only open the 6th door.


Gai uses his Issoku again with Madara attempting to block it, however Gai manages to land several massive hits on Madara. Unable to move Madara protects himself within a black orb, using several black orbs to counter. Rock Lee throws Minato’s kunai in front of the orbs, Minato moves himself in front of the orbs and disappears.


Kakashi uses his Kamui to create and opening for Gai to hit Madara. Madara bleeding claims that the last time he felt so excited was in battle against Hashirama. Gai releases that Madara is damaged but far from dead, as Naruto awakens.



I glad we finally got to see Gai use the eighth gate, his power was impressive. However, It’s not surprising that Madara survived. I wonder if it would be revealed how or when Madara witnessed Hachimon before, he clearly has previous experience.

Rock Lee’s attitude wasn’t surprising and it will help when Gai unfortunately dies. I’m guessing Minato finally “died”, but this remains to be scene. I’m hoping that the fight will continue without interruption , namely focusing on Naruto return.

I Am the Edge

Kenpachi arrives in his usual ruckus fashion, Insane asks were Unohana is he reply’s “she’s dead”. Insane seems sad but somehow relieved that Kenpachi now “has inherited Captain’s Unohana’s name”. Guremi claims that he expected the Kenpachi to be strong.


Guremi seemingly opens the ground behind Kenpachi and Insane. He “prepares a stage” for Kenpachi and reveals that he is Sternritter V, Gremmy Thoumeaux. Gremmy also contends that he is “the strongest” sternritter. Kenpachi strikes but Gremmy claims that he used his “imagination” to image his body is harder than steel.


However, this proves futile as Kenpachi is able to still cut him. He challenges Gremmy to imagine something stronger than steel, though he doubts Gremmy can. Why because ” he’s Kenpachi”.



Kenpachi is one of my favorite in any anime, and obviously Bleach. His bravado is unmatched and his power is incredible. That said this chapter was underwhelming and it felt short. So far I’m not impressed by Gremmy’s power, I hope he gives Kenpachi a decent fight.


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