Weekly Shonen (03/12/14)

Usoland the Liar

As I predicted Usopp does a 180 and makes a return just in at the right moment. Usopp is fleeing from the tower searching from, while the Tontatta defeated they call for Usopp. They talk how he’s their “hero”, and Trevor mocks this belief in Usopp.


They decry the horrible treatment like slaves, they decry that the humans that ” don’t realize that they lost their loved ones”. They believe that he will save them and Trevor calls them “Pathetic”. Trevor goes on a diatribe about how little Usopp seems to care.


Leo becomes angry, telling Trevor to “Shut Up! Usoland isn’t a liar”. Trevor begins to step on one of the Tontatta crushing him without mercy. Usopp can’t take it anymore and finally reveals himself. He attacks the Tontatta for believing in him, agreeing with Trevor. Usopp decides that in return for trusting him he will sacrifice his life. Using his “Plantanus Shuriken” to the delight of the Tontatta.


Meanwhile, at the Royal Palace Thunder prepares for battle with a new sword. Seeing King Riku, Thunder remembers his past as “Curos”. Curos is seen as attacking King Riku, he is offered an opportunity to battle in the Colosseum. Curos wins 100 battles and his freedom but continues to battle. He wins 1000 battles, but breaks down feeling that he will never be seen as anything more than a murderer.



I predicted that Usopp would return, begrudgingly helping out the Tontatta. I wasn’t sure whether or not he would, but I wasn’t the least bit surprised. I’m not sure Usopp can defeat Trevor but maybe the Tontatta or Franky will help.

This chapter felt longer than usual and I’m not sure that the second half about Curos was necessary. That said explaining more about his back story gave me more hope in Usopp likelihood at victory.


The beginning of the red spring

I usually don’t like flashbacks but sometimes they are useful. Very little has been mentioned about Gai’s father Dai. Guy seems to be at peace with his decision to use the eight gate. He quickly begins to open the eight door, as he flashes back to his father.


Gai’s father is as ridiculous has he is, and appears to maintain a positive out look on everything. It’s unclear whether his father is delusional or purposely chooses to see the world this way. His father never surpasses the genin stage, but we all know that does really matter in terms of strength.


Gai isn’t sure his father’s attitude makes a lot of sense. He gets into a fight over his father with a couple of ninja’s and ends up in the hospital. While there he asks his father ” when does youth end?”. Dai response “as long as you don’t turn your back on youth it will never end”. Gai attacks his father for “not being normal”. Dai tells him that ” a real victory is not when your win against someone strong”, “it’s when your able to protect something your care for”.


We flash forward a few years when Dai is about to teach him, Hachimon Tonkou. When then flash to another memory of Gai and his team facing the “Seven shinobi swordsmen of the Mist”, his father interferes using the Hachimon Tonkou. Now Gai aims to do the same against Madara.



I’m not going to lie I actually almost teared up after this chapter. Gai isn’t the most important character in Naruto, but he and Lee have always been strong and humorous. The flashback is generally the kiss of death, so I’m losing hope that someone (maybe Tenten) save him.

Clearly Madara has seen or heard of Dai’s Hachimon Tonkou, considering he appeared to have prior knowledge of it and you could only use it once. It’s safe to say that Gai won’t be able to defeat Madara, and his fathers words about defeating a strong opponent isn’t more important than saving someone or something you love enhances this possibility. Hopefully, Gai manages to do some serious damage before he seemingly dies. I also curious whether or not Dai manage to single handily defeat the 7 swordsmen.

The Blaster

Yachiru Kusajishi’s Shikai has Isane in a state of disbelief. She explains that no other shikai fails to transform like the other Zanpakuto’s. V appears visible injured, Yachiru thought she “cut him in two”. He uses “vanishing slider”, increasing his speed. V is attacked by another mysterious Sternritter, who appears within the healing barrier. 


V attacks Guremi but is easily destroyed. Guremi quickly shows his cruelty by killing both Rojuro and Kensei. He easily dodges Yachiru’s attack mocking her for being too predictable. He appears to break her arm and claim that ” imagination is the most powerful force in the world”. He states that anything he can imagine becomes “reality”. Kenpachi arrives in typical dramatic fashion, ready to fight. 



If the One Piece chapter seemed long this Bleach chapter seemed short. I’m a little disappointed the Yachiru didn’t get more time to fight before Kenpachi arrived. V easy destruction wasn’t surprising. To be honest I could imagine him putting up much of a fight against Yachiru anyway.

As for the “death” of Captain Rojuro and Captain Kensei, I’m not buying it YET. I think Guremi’s ability might be reversed when Kenpachi kills him. Considering the fact that he literally didn’t move to kill them, it must be his “imagination” that did it. Once he’s dispatched they should return to normal.

Part of me feels that this enemy is beneath Kenpachi. Either he doesn’t need to reveal his shikai and Bankai to kill Guremi or he’s forced to do so because Guremi is stronger than I anticipate. Overall, Kubo has keep this part of the arc interesting.



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