Weekly Shonen (03/05/14)


Luffy and Violet are scene running from Peeka, seemingly leaving Zoro to fight him. Thunder runs into another member of the executives, Gladius. Lanpo and Kabo attack him, they are quickly defeated. Gladius ate the “Pamu Pamu fruit”, resulting in his having the ability to blow himself and inorganic objects up.


Thunder detaches his head and uses “Jet Stamp”, Luffy and Violet arrive just in time. Gladius becomes enraged at the sight of the traitor and gives chase. He uses “Helmet Punk” hurting Violet in the process. Luffy uses his leg to reach the second floor, as Gladius wonders where they have gone Kinemon appears dressed as Doflamingo.


Gladius is fooled and quickly disappears. Meanwhile, Luffy, Thunder and Violet reach Doflamingo but are waiting out of sight. Doflamingo tries to get the truth about the StrawHat’s plans from Law and King Riku. Meanwhile, we switch to Franky attacking Marines and Robin has been turned into a toy. Usopp and the other are defeated and Usopp runs from the fray.



This chapter has heightened the since of urgency in the series. Now that Robin is a toy, Usopp has abandoned the factory and the dwarves have been defeated how is Thunder going to return to his former self.

Personally, I think Franky will engage with Trevor and Usopp will take advantage of an opportunity to save the others by attacking Sugar. Usopp cowardice isn’t surprising but he seems to fight it at times and surprise everyone, hope he does.


The end of youthful days

I have been reading and watching a lot of theories from fans of the Naruto series, many guessed correctly that it was Kabuto. I find Kabuto’s “resurrection” was surprising only due to the fact it happened so quickly. Anyway, Kabuto like Obito have realized that they now know “who they are”.


I think that the parallel between Obito and Kabuto made sense and the fact that they both will play an important role in saving Naruto and Sasuke respectively. They have both been redeemed by those actions and may have saved the war in the process. We quickly switch to Madara confident as always, claiming that reinforcements were just like “pebbles”.


Minato states that only “Senjutsu” and “Taijutsu” are effective against Madara. Minato claims that his Senjutsu isn’t very good, he’s never it in a battle. Also without his arms he can’t “fight properly”. At this point Gai steps up and opens the “seventh Gate”, with amazing speed Gai engages Madara.


He uses the “Midday Tiger”, he appear to have been blown back by its power. Madara uses his “black spheres”, Minato responds by having Kakashi throw on of his kunai’s. Rock Lee saves Gai from harm, even though his ribs and left arm are broken. However, Gai realizes he hasn’t done enough and states that it’s time to “it’s the end of the blue beast of the leaf” and ” become a red beast”.

naruto-4826201 (1)


I predicted that Gai sensei might die in upcoming chapters, and it appears he just might. I think Naruto could use another emotional shake up (like Neji), though I wouldn’t like to see Gai die. Although, I wondering why team Gai is the only one seemingly losing it’s members. That said I’m think that TenTen may end up doing something in this fight, but I could be wrong.

Another thing stood out to me during Madara and Gai’s clash was Madara stating that “your underestimating me if your not using Red Steam“. It seems to appear that Madara has seen the eighth gate (Death Gate) before. This could be bad if he did, he may not be surprised and may be able to handle the eighth gate. Regardless I’m still excited to see the “Death Gate”, in action.

Devilish Perspective 

Inane and Kusajishi are confused, how did nose start bleeding? Sternritter V “Guenael Lee of the Vanishing Point” appears. He’s stocky, cross eyed and rather old. Kusajishi attacks again, only to have V “vanish” again. He states that his powers has “3 versions”. In the first version his “shape” vanishes, the second his “existence” vanishes.


He can switch between them effortlessly landing hits while remain invisible. In the third version he vanishes from “conscience”, leaving his opponent without memory of him. Kusajishi appears to be unfazed by V’s third version as she just attacks, from instinct. She lands a small hit on V surprising him, she claims that she attacks “when I feels like a rustle”.


She explains what she means by “Rustle”, its a feeling that she and Kenpachi feel and they just attack in response. She retrieves her Zanpakuto and when V attacks she lands a hit, claiming that her sword hits “whether you dodge or not”. She say’s that her Zanpakuto is a “copycat” and there’s a child “imitating” her sword slices. Kusajishi reveals her odd looking Zanpakuto, “Sanpo Kenjuu”. The chapter ends with Kusajishi attacking, resulting in a triple attack.

bleach-4826757 (1)


This chapter was great, finding out about Kusajishi’s Zanpakuto was satisfying. I thought V’s powers were impressive but they were quickly render useless. This fight also reminds me of “Kenpachi vs Tosen”, V has a more elaborate ability but Kusajishi’s more direct fighting style still “seems” to have prevailed. I’m excited to see how this fight ends and whether Kusajishi even needs to use her Bankai.


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