Weekly Shonen (02/26/14)


Trevor destroys the executive tower, causing the roof to collapse on Usopp and the others. Trevor begins to question Leo about who is involved and he unwillingly gives Trevor the information he requests. Trevor explodes the “sticky” substance, causing damage to Leo and the rest of the crew. Usopp suggest that they retreat, but Leo is determined to complete the “SOP strategy” to aid his Captain.


Meanwhile, his Captain Thunder is being defeated by Lao G. He flashes back to Rebecca, who seems to be losing hope. She feed up with his strategy and no longer believes he can defeat Doflamingo. We transition to Rebecca in the ring doing something she never does, attack.


Everyone is surprise by her change in tactic, but her sword seems to be too dull. Diamante counters by creating a club, landing a hit on Rebecca. Diamante seemingly prepares to taunt Rebecca about the death of her mother. Before we can get to that conversation we shift to Lao G and Thunder.


The remaining dwarves spring into action and save Thunder. It is revealed that Thunder is the only toy without a “contract” that binds his will. Leo also reveals that Thunder use to be named “Curos”, and he was the strongest warrior in the Colosseum.



This chapter was relatively uneventful in its action but added another current to the story. Mainly, that Thunder use to be a powerful warrior named Curos. This explains why the SOP plan is so important. If they can manage to reverse the powers of Sugar then Thunder would return to being Curos. The only question is  can they do it, and even if they succeed would Curos be stronger than Doflamingo?

Two Mangekyou

Madara attempts to attack Obito, but he uses his phasing ability to counter. Madara retreats backwards but cant escape Obito’s grip. Obito and Madara appear to be inside Madara as Obito “rips pieces” of the Ichibi and Hachibi from the ten tails.


Obito tells Kakashi to send Naruto to the Kamui dimension, Madara takes this opportunity to attack Obito while he’s solid. Obito manages to counter Madara’s attack, but his inter-dimensional traveling is too slow to evade Madara.


Obito and Kakashi stand side by side, planning on last strategy. After a flash back to his and Kakashi’s childhood, Madara attempts to anticipate the strategy of Obito and Kakashi. He resigns to attack then simultaneously, Kakashi and Obito use their Kamui together doubling Obito’s speed of travel. He saves Naruto by finally transferring the second half of the Kyubi chakra, while Gai saves Kakashi.



I really enjoyed this chapter. What I often like most about Naruto as a series was the clever strategies that would occasionally be utilized. This was one of those instances, Kakashi’s and Obito’s plan was simple but surprising.

I’m excited to see what Gai will add to the fight, and hoping the either he or Rock Lee use all eight gates. Overall, this chapter was very well executed and for once I wasn’t wishing Obito had died. That said a small part of me feels that Gai might be the one to died, I hope not.

Closer Closer

As Nodt flashes back to his fear, while being in the hospital. We return to the present an As Nodt is frozen and falls to pieces. Rukia seemingly is completely frozen and starts to crack herself. Byakuya complements her on her Bankai, saying that it was “splendid”.


He tells her that her Bankai is very dangerous, because ” the slightest mistake could kill” her. He tells her that a “sword held by someone who is about to die”, “will never be able to protect anything”. He tells Rukia to aid him in protecting Soul Society.


Meanwhile, Vice Captain Kusajishi is making a lot of noise, proclaiming how amazing the beds of the Quincy are. Insane and Kusajishi are attacked by “V”. He claims to posses the power of the “vanishing point”, which has the effect of causing him to “vanish” completely from sight and conscience.



I’m disappointed that we didn’t get to see Rukia’s Bankai in action, but I imagine we’ll see it again in the future. I like the change in Byakuya, he’s a intellectual and honor driven as always but he’s finally come to see Rukia for the warrior she is. At the same time he’s still protective and she’s still respectful.

I didn’t anticipate seeing Kusajishi, but happy at the potential fight we get to see her wage. I highly doubt Insane will be much of a help, and curious to see Kusajishi’s powers. Her power isn’t in doubt, but how she uses them remains for the most part a secret. Also where Kusajishi is Kenpachi isn’t far behind, right?


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