Weekly Shonen (02/19/14)

Trevor army, special executive Sugar

Trevor shows off his unnatural “sight and skill”, resulting in a change of plan. Robin puts on a disguise and manages to convince Trevor to leave to the “commercial port 4th section”.


Trevor leaves with Robin locking the door behind him. The dwarves challenge Sugar, she lies to them but Usopp tells them she’s being deceitful. They attack, they are however turned into “Little Black Bears”, by Sugars powers.


She then uses her “Contract” ability to control the newly formed toys. They are told to obey her orders till they “die”. They are tasked with the destruction of all other dwarves in the tower.


Sugar calls Trevor, revealing that its a trap. Robin points out an area when pirates are fighting and Trevor quickly begins to attack them. He is told that there’s no problem and he realizes that Robin lied. When he attacks her its clearly a clone, and it disappears. Angered Trevor seems to have destroyed the tower.


The Current Me

Black Zetsu attempts to leave Obito’s body, to give Madara the rest of the Nine-tails chakra and his left eye. Obito seems to have regain control of his body, claiming that he and Madara need to talk. Meanwhile, Gaara and Kakashi wait patiently for the right time to strike.


Madara explains that the chakra of Rikudou was meant to “connect”. The spiritual energies of the people where suppose to connect, creating universal understanding. However, people instead decided to use chakra in connection with their own “spiritual energies”. They also used the chakra as weapons (Ninjutsu).


Madara believes that chakra was ” just a endless source of suffering”. Kakashi, Gaara and Minato quickly spring into action using Kamui, Sabakuha and Senjutsu respectively. Madara quickly cuts off the arm of Minato, sending the arm with the rasengan into Kakashi and Minato flying into Gaara.

naruto-4803139 (1)

When it looks like Obito is finally going to give Madara more power he puts his fist through his stomach. After another one of his speeches he appears to have made a staff out of black Zetsu.. I have no idea where this series is heading, I keep wait for Obito to died but maybe he’ll be useful. Let’s hope so.

The White Haze

As Nodt begins by taunting of Byakuya, Rukia warns Byakuya not to look As Nodt in the eyes. Nodt claims that “its too late”, but Nodt eye’s are quickly destroyed. Byakuya asked ” who is the late one”, as he activates his Shikai.


Byakuya claims to have been able to study “Senbonzakura”, “from its core”. As Nodt goes berserk and transforms into a more grotesque form, claiming that he will kill Byakuya over and over again.


Byakuya praises Rukia on “becoming strong”, before letting Rukia defeat As Nodt with her Bankai (Hakka no Togame). I’m assuming As Nodt was defeat, but he may not have been. That said I’m glad Rukia got the opportunity to finish the fight she started.



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