Weekly Shonen (02/12/14)

Because I’m a Father

Juugo wonders what Oorochimaru will do to Sasuke upon finding him dying. Karin senses someone is with Sasuke, but is unsuccessful in determining who it was. Team Guy makes a appearance finally. In traditional Team Guy fashion they are inappropriately goofy.


Guy appears exhausted and Rock Lee notes that Gaara and Sakura have flown overhead. Madara feeling “heavy”, spits out Rikudou’s Ninja Tools that land on Rock Lee and Guy respectively.


Kakashi and Minato are still fighting Obito (Black Zetsu), the other half  of the Kyuubi notices his other half has been removed. Gaara and Sakura arrive and Minato quickly tries to transfer the other half of Kyuubi to Naruto. However, the transfer was intercepted by Black Zetsu who now has the other half of Kyuubi. Madara arrives before Minato could counter.


At first glance this chapter seem straight forward, but after rereading it I think there’s more to it. The fact that Madara bothered to spit out “Rikudou’s Ninja Tools” seemed odd at first. Now I think that Naruto will be saved by the “Kohaku no Jōhei“, that posses the nine tails chakra.

Hear. Fear. Here 2

My previous prediction was correct, Rukia shine was short live. Rukia begins to slowly return to her original state. As Nodt breaks out of the ice and quickly transforms into his “Tatar Foras” form.


As Nodt ability quickly takes effect, paralyzing Rukia. His power attacks the nervous system not the body. Rukia attempts to close her eyes which proves useless and before As Nodt could attack Byakuya arrives.


Not much happened in this chapter and predictably Rukia couldn’t quite defeat As Nodt. I guess its not surprising that Byakuya will be the one to defeat As Nodt, but it feels like a waste to have Rukia show off her amazing powers only to have no results.


Obviously, Rukia’s not dead (or even hurt it appears) so she could go on to defeat another Quincy. I am disappointed that Kubo didn’t make her more effective. I’m hoping she is redeemed and maybe by using Bankai.



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