Weekly Shonen (02/05/14)

The Executive Tower

Pika ate the ” Ishi Ishi no Mi” devil fruit, giving him the ability to assimilate to his surroundings. Pika slams the walls of the castle on Luffy, Zoro and Violet, before cutting to the battle in the Colosseum.


A fighter fish attacks Burgess, he counters with “Surge Elbow” shaking the Colosseum in the process. The fish then targets Rebecca, she counters to get on top of the fish. While riding on top of a fighting fish Lucy ( Sabo) is attacked by Burgess using his “Surge Elbow”.


He counters with “Dragon Claw”, using Armament Haki destroying Burgess defenses. Meanwhile, Usopp and the others arrive at the executive tower. Caverdish is turned into a toy by Trevor and Sugar. The Dwarves plan on using a spice that resembles a grape to knock Sugar unconscious. They prepare to begin their plan.


At this point everyone must be able to use Armament Haki (well not everyone). This chapter was pretty straight forward, but I wonder if “Lucy’s” likely exposure will cause problems for the tournament. And of course it’s still “unclear” if Lucy is in fact Sabo.


Sakura is desperately trying to save Naruto, as his Kyuubi Chakra begins to dissipate. Medical ninjutsu seems to be failing due to the Kyuubi being extracted from Naruto. Gaara reveals the only way to save Naruto is to extract the other half of the Kyuubi’s chakra from the Fourth Hokage.


Sakura takes drastic measures to save Naruto until he can get the Kyuubi back. She literally cuts into the body of Naruto and grabs his heart, as Gaara speeds up. The Second Hokage curses Madara as he can’t help a weaken (near death) Sasuke.


Elsewhere, Karin is showing her potential at least when Sasuke is endanger. Using chakra chains similar to that of Kushina she begins to destroy the wood statue erected by Zetsu. She is stabbed but seems to be able to heal herself easily. Suigetsu uses his ” double gun” on Zetsu then Oorochimaru places a curse seal on Zetsu’s neck paralyzing him. Oorochimaru and the other escape to save Sasuke.


Madara summons the ten tails and quickly absorbs it becoming a the next ” Sage of the Six Paths”. He quickly head over to Kakashi and Minato to retrieve his lost eye. Sakura continues to desperately try to save Naruto with CPR and Sasuke is about to be saved by some mystery person.


I’ll be interested in the potential battle between Kakashi, Minato and Madara. I doubt they would stand much of a chance, but they might put up a fight. Furthermore, considering the fact that Sakura, Naruto and Gaara are heading there as well it could get a little dicey.


Dance with Snow white

As Nodt is perplexed by Rukia’s statement that she cannot feel fear. Rukia challenges Nodt to pierce her with ” those thorns”. Rukia prepares to show off “Sode no Shirayuki” real power.


Rukia states that she needs to become “accustomed”to Sode no Shirayuki’s power. Nodt say’s that the fear can enter from simple skin contact, and can’t be blocked with ice.


Rukia claims not to be alive, she explains that her Zanpakuto brings her body temperature to below zero. She said her Zanpakuto freezes anything it touches, but she has learn how to temporarily “kill her body”.


Rukia begins to attack, cutting Nodt she proclaims that blood freezes at -18 degrees. At -50 degrees “the water inside the ground”, freezes causing a “Ice Quake”. At -273.15  degrees “absolute zero” she can only move for 4 seconds, she seems to have frozen Nodt completely as he thinks about what fear is.


Personally, I’m glad that Rukia finally gets to shine. That said I’m not that confident this fight is over considering how Rukia has been treated in the past. However, considering how long winded the Mask fight was maybe Kubo will have a short fight, but I doubt it.



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