Weekly Shonen (01/31/14)

Bleach 566: What is your fear?

bleach-4749201Renji recalls a previous conversation he had with Rukia about strategy, Rukia says that they should hide and rest after each battle with the sternritter. Renji awakens an leaves, NaNaNa Najahkoop had been watching Renji sleep.

bleach-4749207While searching for an opponent Rukia notices that she can’t sense the reiatsu of the Sternritters or Shinigami. Her hand is grabbed, quickly alerting her to someone reiatsu. As Nodt is her opponent, the same Sternritter to defeat her brother Byakuya.

bleach-4749209After a quick conversation As asks Rukia if her brother ” will come to the battlefield if it kills Rukia, to which she states that he might”. As uses”Reishi Thorns” to spread fear, Rukia counters with her ice from Sode no Shirayuki. As states that her ice can’t block fear. Rukia appears paralyzed by the fear, but Rukia seems unmoved and asked As “if its greatest fear is facing an opponent that it cannot defeat with fear”.

Bleach 566 IMG 1

One Piece 736: Chief Executive Daimante

one-piece-4749147Our contestants are in the ring, ready to begin. They are interrupted by three gladiators attempting to attack Rebecca. Diamante steps in and uses his cape to defeat the three.

one-piece-4749159Diamante announces that his devil fruit is the, Hira Hira no Mi. It is revealed that the “Mera Mera no Mi” fruit is located inside a chest on the back of a fighting fish.The gong is hit signaling the beginning of five person battle.

one-piece-4749161Luffy and the rest manage to gain entry to the castle but are noticed, Doflamingo is angered by this. Meanwhile, Thunder Solider and Kabu are being thrashed by Lao G. Luffy, Zoro and Violet’s path are blocked by one of the top three executives, Pica.



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