Weekly Shonen (01/22/14)

One Piece (735)

one-piece-4738173 (1)

Fujitora’s Intentions

The final battle in the Colosseum is about to begin, Rebecca quickly realizes that Lucy isn’t Luffy. Violet uses her access to the castle to help Luffy. She reveals that she’s Rebecca’s aunt and Luffy and the others begin their ascent to the top. Franky is still battling Doflamingo’s executive Mr. Senor and seems to have the upper hand.

He’s attacked by another executive Mach Bice, but he manages to dodge. Suddenly the marines show up disrupting the battle. Fujitora reveals his true intention’s, to “completely destroy the system of the Ouka Shichibukai”. Finally, Lucy (Sabo) appears in the ring preparing for the final battle.


Naruto (662)


The real end

Things look dire for the Shinobi Alliance, running low on chakra they seem to be running out of options. A Tobi look alike seems to be using the Mokudon jutsu we once saw Hashirama use against Madara. He uses all five chakra types simultaneously, but is countered by the third Hokage. Oorochimaru seems to be preparing to strike the enemy, but its not clear whether or not he’s plotting something else.

Gaara finally reaches Tsunade so she could heal Naruto, but she’s out of chakra. Sakura takes her place but seems to also be low on Chakra. Karin is panicking due to Sasuke’s “dying”, can she save him? Unfortunately, I can’t get to the point of feeling that one of them might died. It would be a major shock if ONE of them did (and didn’t come back), but I highly doubt that. I does leave the question how do they survive? And where’s Gai sensei and Rock Lee?


Bleach (565)


God Like You

Yhwach back story is revealed. He was born without the ability to see, hear, move, speak. As a baby he could heal those that touched him. He could distribute his soul to others, each piece of his soul would absorb the knowledge, skills and talents. When the person died’s the piece of the soul returns to Yhwach, along with all the knowledge within.

He increases his strength this way and must continue to absorb the souls he distributed in order to not revert back to the blind, deaf and muted form. The chapter featured no action but did illuminate why Yhwach doesn’t seem to care when his subordinates die. I wonder how anyone can defeat him at this rate.



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