Weekly Shonen (01/15/14)

One Piece (734)


Rommel’s Whirlwind

And the winner of block D is, Rebecca. I was unclear who was responsible for knocking out block D, but it is revealed that its was Cavendish. The crowd is out rage at the outcome claiming Rebecca must have cheated. However, due to Cavendish’s “Somnambulism” his inner self awakens taking over his body increasing his strength.  He falls asleep during the fight and his inner self called ” Hakuba” emerges. Hakuba quickly dispatches the other fighter in the ring but Rebecca is the only one able to dodge his attacks. Cavendish then fall’s back to sleep leaving Rebecca to win. Elsewhere, Doflamingo has located former King Riku. Franky is fighting against Doflamingo’s “executives”. Luffy, Zoro and Kinemon arrive at the Palace and Violet prepares to help them gain assess.


Naruto (661)


The Failed World

Kurama is stripped from Naruto and Hachibi is removed from Bee as they are sucked into the Gedo Mazo statue. Gaara “saves” Naruto seemingly escaping with him. Madara is attacked by Tobirama but his is quickly defeated. Sasuke prepare to battle Madara again Hashirama tells him that he would give him a jutsu to counter Madara. Tobirama attempts one last ditch effort to attack Madara, but fails. Sasuke takes this opportunity to attack from behind but is stabbed in the chest.

Personally, I don’t really like how easy Madara defeats the former Hokage especially Hashirama. The likely that Sasuke gets killed is so low that its not worth debating, but where’s everyone else. I hope Shikamaru comes up with some perfect plan featuring all the remaining fighters. Since Naruto’s temporarily out of commission maybe the rest of the shinobi alliance can get some shine. Although, I might be hoping for too much.


Bleach (564)


Red Bristled Kings

Mask finally bits the dust by becoming ash. Respect should be given to him but we all knew it was coming. I’m not quite sure how I feel about Renji’s new Bankai, Hihiou Zabimaru. The fact that Zabimaru didn’t tells Renji it full name feel convenient. Mask seems to lose his mind and attack Renji head on. Hihiou seems to be an bone like arm, that breaks Mask’s arm. Angry Mask attempts to attack again only to be incinerating Mask to ash.



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