Day 2: What’s your name?

We make snap judgments about websites all the time — how many times have you disregarded a site because it wasn’t immediately clear what it was about? Today, you’ll name your blog and expand on that with an “About this Blog” widget, drawing on the introductory post you published yesterday. Let no reader click away to the next site because they were unsure of your focus!

Today’s assignment: edit your title and tagline, and flesh them out more in a widget.

I already like my Blog title and tagline, but I needed a text widget. I decided to have my text widget resemble the visual style found in dictionaries. With the definition literally defining my blog.

– (Otaku.Orbit)  n. A blog created by Jiraiyan, with the goal of having a conversation with anyone sharing his love of Anime, Manga and Video Games.


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