Weekly Shonen (12/18/13)

One piece –  Chapter 732


The Underground World


The Straw Hats begin their assault on the “Toy House”. Franky, is too large to fit into the tunnel and thus decides to take the front entrance. Franky decides to “go all out” like Luffy told him to do. This garnered the attention of the entire Doflamingo family. Senor Pink, guarding the entrance is the first opponent of Franky. He’s seems to have the ability to “swim” in the ground like it was water.

Thunder explains the size of Doflamingo’s family and their powers and position’s in the organization. Nico, Ussop and the rest of the army reach the end of the tunnel and find themselves underneath the Colosseum. The army prepares to capture their target, Sugar. Compared to the previous chapter this one wasn’t very eventful, but it did step up what I hope will be a good fight between Franky and Pink.



Naruto – Chapter 659


Rinbo Hengoku

This chapter seemed short and a lot hasn’t occurred. For some reason I get the feeling that Naruto is in a constant stand of rehashing. Maybe the story simply has too slow of a pace.  I going to admit that the fact that a brand new technique (Rinbo Hengoku) just happened to be used seems a little convenient. But, I am intrigued by whether or not Madara will be successful in removing the Eight tails and Nine tails from Bee and Naruto. I’m certain that Madara won’t succeed in capturing all the Bijuu, but who knows.


Bleach – Chapter 562


Villain 2

Renji and Mask finally clash and unsurprisingly Renji seems to have the upper hand. Rukia arrives and is instructed by Renji to take care of the fallen captains as he is “enough” to handle Mask. Mask feeling confident is disappointed when she leaves hoping to fight them both. Mask forgets that he crushed his own eardrums and thus doesn’t hear Renji’s comments. James, who I predicted was still alive, “cheers” healing Mask’s eardrum’s in the process. Mask attacks Renji who easily manages to dodge it.


Pissed, Mask say’s that “his anger makes him even stronger and punches him”. Renji not only blocks the attack manages to attack James before doing so. Renji, deals what seems like a devastating blow to Mask ending the chapter. I wasn’t at all surprised how quickly Renji appears to have gain the advantage against Mask. I don’t see Mask putting up much of a fight any longer.


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