Weekly Shonen (12/11/13)

One Piece – Chapter 731


Dressrosa Operation SOP (Aka the return of Sabo).


This chapter begins with the end of the fight between Dillinger and Bellamy. Bartolomeo is using his barrier ability to protect Bellamy from being killed, much to Dillinger’s dismay. Bellamy is in tears over the reveal that Doflamingo ordered his death. The plan to destroy the toy factory and return everyone to normal has been named ” Dressrosa Operation SOP”. The premise is simple knock out the toy maker, devil fruit user Sugar.


Luffy decided that fighting for the “Fire Fruit” wasn’t as important as saving his friends, and wanted to leave the Colosseum. Just when I though Luffy or at least Rebecca was going to get the fire fruit a shocker was introduced. Nobody could have anticipated the return of Sabo. Alright, it’s not “official” but it seems pretty clear at this point in time. For those who don’t know Sabo is Ace and Luffy’s “adopted” brother, he’s also a member of the Revolution Army. They were under the impression that he was killed.


Luffy’s face said it all. I’m a little hesitant to assume that he will get the “Fire Fruit”, but it just too perfect to ignore. We end with “Sabo” stating that he must “inherit that person’s will”, as he walked into the Colosseum wearing Lucy’s armor. This chapter had almost no fighting and I this excited, that’s a sign of a great chapter.




  • Bartolomeo’s fanboism and honor
  • Luffy’s face
  • Franky’s “combat hairstyle”
  • The return of Sabo



Naruto – chapter 658

Madara Eye

Bijuu vs Madara

I have a few problems with this chapter. First the fight is obviously far from being over but “blind” Madara ended up with little damage after taking on ALL the bijuu’s simultaneously. I understand Madara’s strength, however now that he’s alive at least has to worry about dying or at least being seriously injured. Instead, it seems like he’s just as invincible as he was when was an “Edo Tensi” (except for some cuts). Being alive means that he’s has to worry about of chakra limits, stamina and strategy. If Hashirama alone can beat him then a “Edo Tensi” Hashirama with the entire shinobi alliance should defeat a living Madara right?


He must have some plan, maybe an accomplice like “Oorochimaru”? I was a little confused by which Zetsu was which. The white Zetsu returned his right eye from somewhere, so he’s no longer blind but only has one eye so far. Zetsu is way too invincible he’s been “killed” by Sasuke, Chojiruo, and Naruto, but is rather unfazed. And if he’s just going to just become a limb donor to Madara, I’d consider him a broken character. What do you guys think, is Zetsu a broken character? Does Madara really have a chance?



  • Shukaku and Gaara together again
  • Tailed beast team work



Bleach – Chapter 561



Bleach takes the best action crown, but the fact that Mask DID defeat Hisagi, Ikkaku , Yumichika, Rose and Kensei annoys me. However, maybe his appearance undermines his powers and I just judge him for that. Kensei was useless (got his arm broken) and his bankai didn’t seem to be effective after Mask ability was activated.


Rose killing James felt good, but I’m not confident that he’s dead for some reason. Rose’s bankai (Kinshara Butōdan) looks awesome and he might have won had he not told Mask how his bankai works. Seriously, Kubo needs to stop doing this. I understand that us readers need to know what the bankai how the bankai work’s but couldn’t the characters just think to themselves or something ?


Personally, I really like Rose’s Bankai. It’s has a nice “Gothic” like design and it’s ability is pretty cool. However, Mask manages to counter it’s ability by destroying his own eardrums. After which he cut’s Rose in half with his “Star Beam”, it was noted that he’s still alive but I won’t hold out much hope. Finally, we get to the return of Renji let’s hope he stands a chance.



  • Mask’s dominating
  • Rose killing James
  • Rose’s Bankai
  • Renji’s Return

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