Weekly Shonen (11/27/13)

Naruto – Chapter 656




Well I expected the break to be longer, but I’m pleasantly surprised that Naruto returned. Obito continues to be annoying (whining about Rin), but he “dead” now. The true villain has Madara has taken over, I’m hoping he’s much better than Obito. Using the “Gedou Rinne Tensei no Jutsu” Obito attempted to pull a Nagato, and revive everyone. However, Madara wasn’t having it and seized the opportunity (with the help of black Zetsu). Madara “switched” with Obito returning to the land of the living.

While I happy to see that Madara is stepping up as the main villain, I don’t get why he would want to become a living being again. What reason would he have to forfeit immortality and infinite chakra? If he’s trying to become the 10 tails host, he would have to recapture ALL the newly released Bijuu’s. That seems like a tall task even for Madara. Furthermore, he would have to fight Naruto, Sasuke, Bee, Oorochimaru, the entire Shinobi Alliance (those that survived), the previous Hokage, and the current Hokage. He manage to handle the current Hokage, but was helped by the fact that he could regenerate. I don’t see how he has much of a chance, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.


  • Obito’s death
  • Madara’s return to the living


Bleach – Chapter 559


The Night Right


Rukia and Renji arrive, at the END! That was a tease if I saw one. This chapter wasn’t action packed, but I’m not opposed to some exposition chapters. Captain Commander Shunsui and Jugram Haschwalth have a discussion about the “balance” of the war so far. Nanao Ise gets to show off again using a stronger barrier technique than “Hakūdan Keppeki“. Just as they’re about to fight, Yhwach call’s for Jugram to return. Yhwach called Jugram to punish Cang Du and BG9 for failing to win. BG9 begs for his life, but Cang Du remains silent. As Jugram attempts to decapitate Cang Du his sword is stopped.

Cang states ” he will not be cut down by anyone but Yhwach”. Jugram response by asking him if “he can see the tilted scales” then he kills Cang. Meanwhile, Mask De Masculine smashes Hisagi into the ground. Supposedly he single handily “finished off almost all of the captain-level Shinigami whom they found”. Personally, I doubt that Hisagi, Ikkaku and Yumichika would be defeated so easily. Spotting two light’s in the sky, Mask wonders “what that light”.




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