Weekly Shonen (11/21/13)

One Piece – Chapter 729


Shichibukai Doflamingo vs. Shichibukai Law

Bellamy is in position to attack Luffy, but he is interrupted by Dellinger. Dellinger claims to have been sent to dispose of Bellamy by Doflamingo. Law and Doflamingo continue with their fight. It’s became very clear that Doflamingo has the advantage. During the battle Doflamingo is informed that Violet has betrayed them. The marines manage to see through the Zoro’s and Luffy’s disguises.

The Straw Hats finally reconnect and share what they’ve discovered. Admiral Fujitora returns to the island, a ruckus is ensues as Doflamingo emerges. Doflamingo has gotten the better of Law, and shoots him three times. Luffy calls his name, as Law passes out while calling someone named “Cora”. I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t see more of the fight between Law and Doflamingo, but I’m holding out hope that Doflamingo and Luffy will fight next.

Bleach – Chapter 558


The heart of the Wolf

Bambietta is soundly defeated, and she is in a state of disbelief. Sajin Komamura’s grandfather is proud of him for ” having acted like a real member of their clan”. Komamura’s ” human transformation technique” begins to end as he becomes a complete wolf. Komamura great-grandfather says “Komamura is feeling a thirst for revenge”. Komamura remembers he told Kaname Tosen that “revenge is simply the useless sacrifice of one’s life”. Komamura’s great-grandfather believes “revenge is what their clan is made for”.

His great-grandfather says Komamura’s ” life as a human will come to an end”. He states that Komamura will become a “beast seeking revenge”, and he is “relishing this black resentment” as Komamura collapses. His Lieutenant Tetsuzaemon Iba comes to his rescue, saying they will beat Yhwach together. Bambietta can’t understand how she was beaten. Her team attempts to help her but she begs them not to. Finally, Renji and Rukia returns to the battle field from the sky’s.


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