Pokemon Training Guide (X & Y) – Part 2

Pokemon Training Guide (X & Y) – Part 2

EV training

With the release of Pokemon X and Y, the concept of “Super Training” was introduced. Super training utilizes the touch screen, and features an Effort -O- Meter that visually indicates the base stats and the increases to those stats. Players use Core training during which “tapping” the screen results in a Pokemon hitting a training bag until they falling providing the Pokemon with various benefits.

Training Bags

  • Small Bag –  Requires 10 hits – gives 1 EV to a specific stat.
  • Medium Bag – Requires 25 hits – gives 4 EV’s to a specific stat.
  • Large Bag – Requires 50 hits – gives 12 EV’s to a specific stat.
  • Big Shot – Requires 10 hits – gives increases the size of the balls in the next Super Training Regimen.
  • Double-Up – Requires 10 hits – Doubles base-stat increases the next time the Pokemon takes on a Super Training Regimen.
  • Reset – Requires 100 hits – Completely resets all base stats of a Pokemon.
  • Soothing – Requires 250 hits – Makes the Pokemon more friendly.
  • Strength – Requires 10 hits – Doubles the number of points earned for each shot in the next Super Training Regimen completed.
  • Swiftness – Requires 10 hits – Increases speed in the next Super Training Regimen.
  • Team Flare – Requires 10 hits – Reduces the amount of hits needed to knock down a bag.
  • Toughen – Up – Requires 10 hits – Reduces the number of points lost during Super Training Regimen (STR).

Super Training Regimens

STR are a series of mini games that a player must complete in order to receive EV points. A player can train each of the six base stat categories. The mini games are simple, the player is expected to shot soccer balls into goals within a given time frame. There are three levels of difficulty and each corresponds with a number of EV points.

  1. Level 1 – 4 EV’s
  2. Level 2 – 8 EV’s
  3. Level 3 – 12 EV’s


Vitamins can be purchased for $9800 at a Pokemon Center in Laverre City, each vitamin adds stats to a specific. 10 EV points are added to a give stat based on the vitamin.  There’s a limit to the use of vitamins, only 10 are permitted for use per stat(100 Effort Value points). If the Stat is already maxed, or if your Pokemon already has 510 EV points, vitamins will be ineffective.

  • HP-UP – increases Hit Points
  • Protein – Increases Attacks
  • Iron – Increases Defenses
  • Calcium – Increases Special Attacks
  • Zinc – Increases Special Defense
  • Carbos – Increase Speed


Berries can be use to subtract EV points from stats. The initial berry reduce the EV’s by 100 “if it’s any number over 100”. After which, each successive berry will lower the EV’s by 10 points.

  • Pomeg – HP
  • Kelpsy – ATK
  • Qualot – DEF
  • Hondew – SP ATK
  • Grepa – SP DEF
  • Tamato – SPE

Items that boost EV gains

There are many items designed to increase the distribution of EV’s.

  • Macho Brace – Doubles the amount of EV’s
  • Power Weight – increases HP
  • Power Bracer – increases ATK
  • Power Belt – increases DEF
  • Power Lens – increases SP ATK
  • Power Band – increases SP DEF
  • Power Anklet – increases SPE


In Pokemon a new type of battle “Horde battles”, have been introduced. Horde battles feature five Pokemon usually of the same species. Each Pokemon gives the same number of EV’s. Due to the fact that there are five Pokemon in battle simultaneously gaining EV’s is quicker. The Pokemon also tend to be lower levels, making for easier battles. The use of moves that hit multiple Pokemon at once like (Surf, Parabolic Charge or Petal Blizzard), is helpful as horde battles can become lengthy.

List of Hordes location (Effects)

  • Connecting Cave – Whismur (HP)
  • Route 5 – Scraggy (ATK)
  • Victory Road – Geodude (DEF)/Terminus Cave – Durant (DEF)
  • Frost Cavern – Vanillite (SP ATK)
  • Reflective Cave – Mime Jr (SP DEF)
  • Connecting Cave – Zubat (SPE)

EXP Share

Exp share has been updated in Pokemon X and Y to Exp All. With Exp share being activated all Pokemon will receive the same number of EV’s even without battling.

Honey or Sweet Scent

Both honey and sweet scent guarantees a horde battle, although not while it’s raining.

Pokerus (PKRS)

Pokerus is a virus that Pokemon can contract. It is very rare but helpful considering it doubles the rate at which Pokemon gain EV’s. Pokerus can be caught by battling a wild Pokemon that has it. Once a Pokemon catches it, the letters PKRS can be seen in the menu. When healed at a Pokemon Center, Nurse Joy will inform you about whether your Pokemon has the virus.

It’s possible to spread Pokerus to other Pokemon, keep the infect Pokemon in your party and battle. After one to four days (at midnight), Pokerus will no longer be contagious. It probably won’t say PKRS , but it will show a small purple 😦 . To keep Pokerus, keep an infected Pokemon in the (PC). While in the PC, it will remain contagious.

Next what are “good” Pokemon to choose and why. What strategies you could implement. Any questions? Corrections? or anything else let me know in a comment.


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