Weekly Shonen (11/13/13)

One Piece – Chapter 728



We continue from the startling, but heart breaking story of the fall of the former King of Dressrosa Riku Dold. While taking control of Riku Doflamingo’s subordinates take princess Viola hostage. King Riku pleads for his death as he can’t bare to tolerate harming anyone. Doflamingo appears to “defeated” the king and his army, gaining the admiration and loyalty of the citizens. Thunder explains that the King is still alive, and Viola is the one that saved him. He also explained how the toys” were once people who despise Doflamingo, they still remember who they were but not each other and that the drive for revolution in still in them”. Underground Chinjao and King Riku are the only warriors remaining, and Chinjao has forgotten that he has grandchildren. Luffy meets up with Zoro and Kine’mon, while Bellemy lurks in the background.

Naruto – Chapter 655



The tailed beasted are freed and they thank Naruto for keeping his word. Sasuke, seeing Obito still breathing decides to put an end to him. He’s interrupted by Kakashi finally appear from the other dimension. Kakashi informs Sasuke that “this burden was his to bear as he was Obito’s friend”. Minato, stops him from delievering the death blow. They talk about their past regrets and about what makes Naruto special (like we don’t know). Naruto aims to join in on the battle between Hashirama and Madara, with his clones he uses Rasenshuriken (which gives off light that resembles a beacon).

Bleach – Chapter 557

I already threw my life away


Once again Bleach takes top spot this week. The battle between Bambietta and Komamura heats up, and Komamura explains the “Human Transformation Technique”. He explains that ” Kokujuo Tengen Myouou is an armored Bankia with its own life”. Without it’s armor Kokujuo becomes pure reiatsu, Bambietta still can’t comprehend why her techniques aren’t working. Komamura tells her ” Whats terrible about a explosion is that it blows up something that’s living”, and that as long as he remains human he can’t died. I’m not confident that Bambietta is dead but it doesn’t look good for her. This chapter left me satisfied with the current story and action, but anticipating the next chapter.


  • Komamura’s immortality
  • Kokujuo power and style



2 thoughts on “Weekly Shonen (11/13/13)

  1. Oh God seriously, the latest Naruto chapter is all about more Naru-glorifying? >_< And some people wonder why I don't keep tabs on the manga anymore. I feel like the whole chapters are more of fluff/fillers than a real story. Kudos to you for keeping yourself up to date with the Big Three though. Keep it up. 😉



    1. Thank You. I will happily keep it up. I do agree that the last few chapters of Naruto have been all about how great Naruto is. It feels like the story hasn’t progressed much. I’m hoping the couple of weeks that Masashi Kishimoto took off will help him with the story.


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